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CHAP Updates

1515-1517 W Baltimore St front of the buildings were lost, owners would like to rebuild the façade

1000 W Lombard St, owners are embroiled in legal issues with CHAP and the Liquor Board (fines, etc). Owners state that they are going to renovate the building in order to be in compliance with CHAP regulations. Scott suggested that the Hollins Roundhouse Neighborhood Association develop an MOU with them—the association is pursing it, Scott is happy to share resources

City is working with the owners of 1525 W Baltimore St to clear out the debris from the building collapse but there are concerns about where the debris is being deposited

1000 block of Hollins St where there was recently a fire and a number of houses burned. Warhorse LLC would like to acquire the condemned property to demolish it and another adjacent to construct townhouses. Committee requested that CHAP request they consider the other houses in the row when putting together their design so that it is consistent

A developer is requesting to put six one bedrooms in houses along the 200 block of N Carey St, asking Franklin Square neighborhood association for support. Scott will talk to Tony and Michael about the project.

325 and 323 N Fulton Ave (with the historic Franklin Square mural): city is working with the owner of 325 to acquire 323

Project Updates

Malachi Mills: no new news, signs hung for hearings for alley gating

1420 W Baltimore St: no updates, city would be happy to have community testimony, still need to wait for a date to be scheduled

Historic Walking Tour Text

Jane will send information about St Luke’s Church

Charles Carroll, Barrister, wrote the original MD state constitution (not the signer of the Declaration of the Independence)

Check on accuracy of Elvises

Margaret Tighlman (freed enslaved people 1817 made sure that they had a trade)

Add more about the history of the Market

Add something about the Arabber stables

Franklin Square historic mural should be included

Add Carter Memorial/St Peter’s

Add Irish Railroad Museum to the driving tour

Oral History Records

One last time request to edit, look into publicizing the request