Commercial Development Committee

Southwest Partnership

January 22, 2019



Welcome and Introductions

Approval of December Minutes

  • Dan and bill seconded minutes


Project Updates

  • Facade grant
    • Update on 1241 W Baltimore St – Masonry work will begin shortly, windows are ordered for third floor. Since the owners decided not to have the 2nd floor windows done, we have about $60,000 still available for more work. Must be committed by June 30.
    • Owner of 1421 W Baltimore St, approached SWP and is doing his own estimates for the Facade Subcommittee to review. — Kenneth will schedule date to review proposals.
    • Ideas for other locations:
      • 1501 W baltimore
      • Primo Chicken
  • Littlepages
    • Contract for leaseback agreement signed and should come into effect by end of February.
  • Lord Baltimore
    • Michael Seipp received estimate of $180,000 to stabilize front section of building (which includes the “projection room”). Option to buy remains.
    • Questions:
      • At one point does situation with Lord Baltimore need to be reviewed? – Jane; what will be total cost?
      • Is it worth saving? – Bif
  • 1500 w baltimore st
    • 1518 is still working through tenants. SWP plans to move offices there. Looking at a mix of possible uses including Bon Secours Head Start, Job Opportunities Task Force (JOTF) and a Teen Tech Center.
    • 1503-1511 – should have plans at next meeting to show
    • 1504 (Malachi Mills) – waiting on site control. Have some State grant funding for stabilization.
    • Feedback:
      • 1515-1519 W baltimore st — beginning to bow
      • 1525 w baltimore st — william culler; He is now cleaning out 1523 cleaning; 1527 now affected


  • Two candidates nominated
    • Catherine Neely
    • Kenneth Watson
  • Both candidates provided remarks
  • 2019 Commercial Committee Chair is Kenneth Watson


New Business

  • Feb 12 CHAP Commission; presentation on whole project
    • Warhorse has come up for plans for 10 townhouses
    • 1135 Hollins fire — Warhorse asking for demo
    • Stockton street 39-41 warehouse
  • Feb 26 – Zoning commission hearing for The Back Yard
  • 50 and 48 S Fulton — treatment center has been buying these properties (Morrell Park) → BNJ; is there any update?
  • Liquor Board: 1000 W Lombard liquor store pleaded guilty to charges; Hollins Roundhouse intends to protest renewal of license in March, schedules hearing in April.  — Need to support the neighborhood campaign
  • 1100 wicomico has pop up cafe (vagrant cafe); co-working space


Old business


Adjournment – Jane made motion and Dan seconded.