Rachel Goodrich

Lou Packett

Joanne Nathans

Gabriel Auteri

Joy’Danna Davis

Maxine Rush

Jaquetta Graham

Lisa Rawlings

Ruth Farfel

Community Resource Event:

Expungement/Resource Fair (Gabe): Workforce committee wants to sends a message to the community that we are committed and accessible. The plan is to have the event April 28th-29th.  There will be tents/tables chairs, resources, and expungement. Gabe has spoken with the Hollins roundhouse association and they are on board. He hopes to raise funds from community associations. The plan is to do door-door outreach, get the folks that are usually not involved to be aware of this. We hope to use the block captain program.

Lisa says to consider partnering with Bon Secours and doing it outside. They are the “big” folks in this area.

Does your organization have resources to provide? Want to bring social workers there. Door to door outreach (will need the support).

Rountable Survey:

Time to assess ourselves as a committee. We have taken the opportunity to evaluate where we are. We want to make a formal request to the committee for changes or requests. Less than half of the providers refer clients to the program-this is a big issue. Every client that is referred should get an interview. Right now it is at 60%. When folks have had an interview, most times they receive a job offer as a result. We can look into sending out the spreadsheet weekly to our partners (from community referral link).

Would be glad to have the hospital do a workshop on what interview skills/resumes they would they like to see

Turn Around Tuesday is helpful at getting folks jobs even with gaps or other challenges (how do they do that?)-

As a committee, we are looking for increased community recruiting. Asking HR to say what providers should be screening for during their process. Work readiness of soft skills is way more important these days. Not all of us provide the soft skills training so we have to make sure that are referrals are really ready.

How can we get more buy-in from employers? Bon Secours and Biopark and casino need to be an anchor-make a formal request

How to identity on applications:

How you found out about this job, Choose-other: SWP referral (on referral app)

Next Steps/follow up:

INVITE TURN AROUND TUESDAY to a meeting and maybe bring a hospital partner.

Common ideas about job readiness-NEXT MEETING AGENDA ITEM

TAKE FEEDBACK FROM SURVEY and give something formal to GABE

We are going to table agenda items 3 and 4 for the next meeting (roundtable next steps and local anchor institution advocacy for workforce committee)