Southwest Partnership Workforce Roundtable



3:08 meeting starts with Introductions

3:12 Career Navigator introduction: Rachel Goodwich can be reached at MOED Office M-Th on Tuesdays at Clay Pots Wednesdays CEC Office and on Friday SWP office. Rachel will be able to help with connecting more job opportunities to clients with Access to data in the Maryland workforce exchange. This can help with better coordination and analysis of current workforce programs.  

3:22 A vote on the Participation agreement: was tabled for next meeting, Ellen craven presented a sample intake form to the group and a subcommittee is being created for this project; The volunteers are Davi, Diedra, and Lisa. The subcommittee will need to draft a volunteer consent form and submit it before next meeting.

3:35 West Baltimore Recourse Guide; Joanne Nathans made a presentation about the resource guide and submitted questions about what needs to be included in the guide. It will be reevaluated next meeting and agreed upon how much content should be in the guide.  Lisa suggested the resource guide focus solely on workforce information. A team will be formed to work on the resource guide; Joanne, Schlonte, and possibly 2 Interns from the CEC. It was agreed upon to have a print version, a web version and getting it on other organizations websites.  SWP will be the sponsoring organization and use the Office of SWP for the contact information on the back of the resource guide when completed.

3:45 Community Resource Fairs at School; James McHenry Talent show. Hosting a resource fair before or after the talent show. Feb 3rd the talent show at 4:00pm.  Volunteers are needed for community resource fair, the organizations that will be there is the CFUC, Bon Secours, SWW, CEC, Goodwill/Clay pots.

3:50 Transportation fund; Ellen Craven gave presentation about Paul’s Place and how job seekers can be eligible for up 4 tokens a month if they can show proof of job interviews.  Clients are also eligible to receive a free bus pass for a month. Darryl Lee also presented a similar program at Bon Secours and if the client was referred to them, just send in an email with the name, zip code and proof of a job interview.  The roundtable wanted to discuss this process further at the next meeting to see if any coordination can happen between the different programs.

3:56 Anchor referral program: Recommendation from Lisa, the ARP to limit the referral program to Zip codes that are within the Neighborhood. 21201, 21216-7, 21223, 21230, 21229. Most positions have least barriers to entry (ex. Room attendant). Lisa has received the 3rd feedback from the Anchor institutions but still believes it isn’t enough data to figure out track clients after they have gotten an interview from HR, Lisa is waiting on more consistent feedback to figure how to identify where the gaps are in the interview and hiring process.  So far there have been 52 referrals from the CEC and 7 hires. Some of the feedback from 2015 shows that once the client leaves the HR process and it gets to the interview portion with the department it is hard to track them. Dana Moulden explained her concerns about clients applying for jobs that do match applications. A suggestion by Lisa was to have Rachel screen clients before referral to anchor institution.  A suggestion to create a process that can help clients focus more on Job Description and help with job matching as close as possible.

4:05 Announcements: Need a Committee for Nehemiah project; this project will start in the Franklin Square community and it is headed by a developer who wants to create jobs within the 7 neighborhoods, he is partnering with project jumpstart and social impact. 5pm on Feb. 9th there will be a presentation for this project prior to housing committee meeting. John Hopkins is doing a program called Living classroom; it helps people locate their vital records and helps with the process of finding their birth certificates. Habitat for humanity has a project that is a 10 month training program called “Clean and Green “they are looking to hire a crew of 4 valets for 6 months contact Leila Kohler-Frueh for more information 410.366.1250 ext. 128

4:10 Closed Information Sharing Session.