Southwest Partnership

Safe, Vibrant, and Walkable Streets Committee


January 26 2017

1128 Hollins St 2nd Floor





Dan Rodenburg

Dan Morrison

Julie Rivera

Elizabeth Weber

Bif Browning


Committee Chair Elections

Dan reviewed the rules and procedures for Committee Chair.

Dan and Bif nominated Chris Redwood. Chris declined.

Bif nominates Dan. Dan accepts and will move forward with the Vision Plan.


Dan Rodenburg was elected Committee Chair.


Trash Project Review

Julie has been developing a trash cleanup and sanitation project and is working with JR Lee, Schlonte, and the Public Safety Committee to promote block party as an incentive for community clean ups. Julie is looking for funding. There is also space in the program for someone to coordinate clean ups and trash education in the area.


Bif: suggested and wastewater and coordination with watershed 263.


2017 Goals

The Committee discussed goals for 2017 and the importance of increasing engagement and participation from the wider community. The Carey St bridge project will have to wait for buy-in from B&O. We have closed out the Southwest Baltimore Charter School grant as the project will be unable to move forward. $700 of greening funding from Parks and People is still available–could figure out another project where the money could be used.


Dan Morrison: suggested putting together ideas of what the Committee would like to accomplish to share at the Annual Meeting for input.


Chris reminded the Committee that DPW will still provide pick up support for community clean ups.


Bif suggested that the Committee focus initially on trash and improving sidewalks and crosswalks as focus areas to increase engagement.


Dan Rodenburg feels there needs to be more partnership between people and the city.


Chris would like to continue the banners along Carey St program. Union Square and Hollins Roundhouse have expressed interest and it would be worthwhile to follow up with the other neighborhoods.


Bif suggested submitting lighting requests as part of the Committee’s goals so they could be counted as an easy win. Chris suggested encouraging the city to plant trees as needed. Will also maintain trees they planted for one year. Union Square Park would like their original design restored, but never got back to Chris with a plan for the park.


The Committee discussed other ongoing projects and concerns before the meeting was adjourned.