Southwest Partnership Historic Preservation Committee

January 16 2017

918 Lemmon St


Meeting Minutes



Scott Kashnow

Michael Mellett

Dan Rodenburg

Betsey Waters

Dan Morrison

Elizabeth Weber


Committee Chair Elections

Dan Morrison as Chair of the SWP Governance Committee ran the elections. All of the Committee members in attendance were eligible to vote.


Dan opened the floor for nominations. Michael nominated Scott. There were no other nominations.


Dan read the description of the Program Committee Chair from the Southwest Partnership bylaws and reminded the Committee that while they could vote for as many positions as they wanted (such as Vice Chair), the Committee Chair was the only position that would have a seat on the Southwest Partnership Board.


Scott gave a speech reviewing what the Committee had done over the past year and what his goals were for the next year.


The Committee elected Scott Kashnow Chair of the Historic Preservation Committee.


Michael Mellett nominated Betsey Waters for Vice Chair of the Committee. She declined.

Michael Mellett nominated Dan Rodenburg for Vice Chair of the Committee. He accepted. There were no other nominations for Vice Chair. Dan Rodenburg was elected Vice Chair of the Historic Preservation Committee.



Dan Morrison met with Lisa Rawlings and Michael Seipp to discuss the UMB Office of Community Engagement-Southwest Partnership Youthworks collaboration for the summer of 2017. She was looking for possible community projects for the students, who would be between the ages of 14 and 21 and area residents, to work on for five weeks in the summer. Dan suggested that the students could work on historic research and the Storytelling project. He also offered help setting up the technology for the program. The Committee was excited about the idea and interested in helping and setting the parameters of the project.


Lombard Street Liquor Store

There have been concerns raised in the community about the liquor store on Lombard street with the bright red awning. The Committee is also concerned about the appearance of the business, which is not in accordance with the historic district regulations, differs substantially from what was there before, and could be problematic to the neighborhood. Dan M reported that when the liquor license was first transferred the Hollins Roundhouse Neighborhood Association had decided to wait and see what the new business would be like, but now that the sign is up and not conforming to the historic district regulations he will speak with CHAP and the city about what they’re options are. Dan Rodenburg will also follow up with CHAP about the situation.


Scott suggested that a good neighbor agreement could be a good way of building a positive relationship with the business owner. He offered to send Dan some examples.


The Committee discussed the historic district boundaries and types in the area.


Storytelling Project

The January Storytelling project event will be rescheduled for Saturday February 4th from 2:30-4:30pm at the Irish Railroad Workers Museum (918 Lemmon St).


Historic Sign Project

Scott mentioned the project and the need for funding from the neighborhood associations at the Franklin Square neighborhood association meeting.


There is a state of Maryland grant through the state heritage areas that would be applicable to the project. A cash match needs to be guaranteed by the application deadline (March 1st). For the project the cash match would need to be approximately $7,000 for all seven signs or $5,000 for the 5 neighborhoods that are currently on the National Register of Historic Places. Elizabeth will see if the SWP has the small projects funding to guarantee the match pending other fundraising and develop a proposal to share with the neighborhoods.


Deconstruction Project

Only Hollins Roundhouse and Mount Clare have responded: both are ok with the bricks being stored in a common location. PopFarm is available to store bricks, especially at the early stages of the project. Elizabeth will follow up with the other associations. The Committee discussed details of their ask to the Housing Department and CHAP specifically 60 days notification of demolition, education on how the demolition process works, and deconstruction rather than demolition of historic buildings in the area.