Wellington Ashe (Civic Works)

Ellen Craven (Paul’s Place)

Greg Hunt (MOED Employment Connection Center)

Joanne Nathans (JOTF)

Lisa Rawlings (SWP/UMB)

Lou Packett (Gallery Church, Franklin Square)

Yusef Shabaz (UMMC)

Elizabeth Weber (SWP)

Civic Works Baltimore Green Careers (Wellington Ashe)

The Civic Works Baltimore Green Careers program has three training tracks. All graduates complete the programs with four industry recognized certifications.

  • All three Civic Works training programs
  • Ex-offender friendly except for sex offenders
  • Include case management services
  • Require Baltimore City residency
  • Applicants must be 18 years old or older
  • Applicants must have Maryland driver’s license. Doesn’t need to be valid.
  • Bus passes and lunch are provided.
  • Must pass TABE test at 8th grade level (reading and math). No high school diploma or GED required.
  • Brownfields, Lead, and Asbestos Remediation
    • six weeks unpaid Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
    • job placement after six weeks, close to a 100% placement rate
    • 20 people per cohort, 2 cohorts a year
    • Completers eligible for 4 industry certifications
  • Solar Energy Installation
    • six weeks unpaid Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
    • $10 an hour for the next two months of training working with a solar installation company
    • close to 100% job placement rate, with wages from $16-$20 an hour after placement
    • 10 people per cohort, 4 cohorts a year
    • Completers eligible for 4 industry certifications


  • Weatherization
    • six weeks unpaid Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
    • $10 an hour for the next six weeks of training
    • close to 100% job placement rate with wages averaging $12-$16 an hour
    • Completers eligible for 4 industry certifications


Civic Works has begun tracking graduates for up to 2 years after they complete the program. The also provide soft skills training and personal and professional development training, and case management services. If graduates are candidates for promotion, Civic Works will support them in receiving additional certifications.


Application sessions are every Tuesday at 6260 Frankford Ave at 1pm which takes approximately an hour.


The next weatherization class will begin in mid-February, the next remediation class in March, and the next solar installation class in late March or early April. For more information, contact Wellington Ashe at 410-929-6136 or check out their website at www.baltimoregreencareers.org.


Strategy for Recruiting Participants for Partnering Training Programs

The Southwest Partnership is partnering with a number of job training programs through the MOED 1 Baltimore 4 Jobs grant, and, with the help of the Roundtable, needs to develop a strategy for recruiting participants.


One possibility is ‘Training Tuesdays’ or another day–a monthly day when area residents could come to an easily accessible location to learn more about training programs that are available. The day could be widely publicized across the area. Greg will check with Davi Peterson to see if the Employment Connection Center could host the sessions. Another option would be the UMB Community Engagement Center. Both Southwest Partnership staff and UMB staff would be available to host ‘Training Tuesdays’ wherever they end up being located.


The workforce providers at the meeting said that the most helpful things for them in terms of referring folks to training programs was learning about them through presentations such as those at the Workforce Roundtable. The Southwest Partnership will also produce easily sharable outreach material to distribute to schools, churches, and programs.


It will be very important for the SWP to track which area residents are referred to each training programs, and how they fared. Joanne and Elizabeth will develop a reporting methods to share with the providers.


Provider Survey Review

Adenike from Clay Pots developed a survey with feedback from the other attendees, and she and Elizabeth created an electronic form. Area providers, look for the survey in your email and please fill it out.


Employment Connection Center Update

Greg Hunt shared that the Employment Connections Center on Bush Street hosts a Friday Job Club where Dan Baldwin works with people who are interested in the positions he’s currently posting for area employers.  Workforce providers are encouraged to refer interested individuals. Friday Job Club is held at 12noon every Friday at the 1410 Bush Street location but participants who have not registered with MOED are encouraged to get there at 11:30am to complete that process first.


Greg also mentioned he has two regular email newsletters for job seekers and community members. Several meeting participants requested being added to his distribution list. Please follow up with Greg at ghunt@oedworks.com.


UMMS/UMB Collaboration on Adult Education

Lisa Rawlings shared that the University of Maryland Medical System and the University of Maryland Baltimore were looking at offering basic adult education – including GED courses –

at the UMB Community Engagement Center. The collaborators are interested in offering courses at times and on days that other area workforce providers aren’t currently so as not to duplicate efforts. Southwest Partnership is working with the collaborators to understand where there are gaps in current offerings.


Ellen mentioned Paul’s Place currently offers both a morning and afternoon GED classes. She suggested we follow-up with her colleagues for more details