Southwest Partnership

Safe, Vibrant, and Walkable Streets Committee

January 28 2016

UM BioPark

801 W Baltimore St



Linzy Jackson

Scott Kashnow

Ivan Leshinsky

Bill Pickens

Chris Redwood

Dan Rodenburg

Lucy Steintz

Elizabeth Weber


Committee Updates


There is a new Southwest Partnership Committee focusing specifically on Public Safety, which means that public safety will no longer be under the Safe, Vibrant, and Walkable Streets Committee. The new Committee will meet the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7pm and is being coordinated by Rob LaPin until Committee elections are held.


Dan Rodenburg wanted to recognize all the hard work that Chris and other Committee members had done to address public safety.


2016 Goals

The Neighborhood Design Center has finished the design concepts. To implement the design there will need to be engineering and architectural designs done, which will cost money.


Lucy Steintz doesn’t like the aesthetics of much of the final design–the lighting, especially under the bridge, looks too modern and doesn’t fit with the historical aesthetic.


Bill Pickens mentioned that many of the structural features of the bridge, including the piers, supports, and undergirding as well as the row of pillars on the west side will need to remain as they are part of the historic character of the bridge. The B&O has a bond to do structural work on the bridge, but other projects that are needed, including sidewalk restoration, cleaning, lighting improvements and planting need funding and can be done in conjunction with the structural work.


He was also concerned that the proposed park are on the south-east side of the bridge would require a soil analysis to ensure that the ground was safe. Parks and People is running into environmental concerns with the project behind Southwest Baltimore Charter School across the street. He suggests a feasibility study be done, and that the committee connect with the engineering firm that is working for the B&O on the bridge. There are some semi-permanent fixes (lights and projects addressing pedestrian and traffic safety that could be done immediately).


Scott and Lucy will work together to develop a project timeline (what needs to be done and when) and then the Committee will bring together all of the stakeholders to determine the next steps.


Chris asked the Committee to think about other projects along the Carey St Corridor that could enliven the area. Suggestions included working with the owners of the garages between the bridge and Pratt St to beautify the garages, supporting the bike plans of Hollins and Carey Sts, looking at projects at Carey and Washington Blvd and Carey and Baltimore Sts.


Other 2016 Committee goals include identifying and implementing a trash clean up system for the area, identifying and implementing gateway projects, and improving lighting in Carroll Park. The Committee decided to amend the lighting goal to ‘survey lighting across the Southwest Partnership area and address any lighting needs’. They also decided to focus on gateway projects that were relatively easy and inexpensive and could be replicated across the area and could brand the SWP area as a whole and each individual neighborhood.


New Trash Can Presentation

Linzy Jackson from the Department of Public Works came to the meeting to present about the new trash can roll out campaign. The trash cans will be free and the property of the city. Residents will be informed 10 days in advance by a door hanging that their trash can will be dropped off. The trash cans are sturdy, with a non-detachable lid, can be automatically lifted into the trash trucks, and a microchipped in case they get lost. There will be one can per residence (so houses that have been split into apartments will only receive one can.


There are two sizes of cans: a standard 65 gallon size and a 35 gallon size which is only available to owners of row houses in an unbroken block who have front trash pick up and no rear storage space. If someone would like a smaller can they need to call 311 by February 19th.


A schedule of the roll out will be available online at DPW’s website after the 19th.


As the cans are city property residents are asked not to decorate or deface them permanently.


Committee Chair Elections

Chris Redwood was unanimously re-elected chair of the Committee.



The SOWEBO 5K is in need of more volunteers to plan the event, especially around marketing. The Committee suggested that Ivan contact the University of Maryland Baltimore Community Engagement Center, provide the SWP with information so that we can send it out through our networks, recruit potential volunteers among the running groups in Ridgley’s Delight, and talk to the Union Square Cookie Tour Marketers.