Southwest Partnership
Housing Committee
January14, 2016

 Chairman’s Welcome – HAPPY NEW YEAR
 Introductions
 Nominations for the position of Chair for 2016
 Election for Chair for 2016
 Request for a Vice Chair
 Review of Tenant Rights’ Pamphlet
 Update on Franklin Square and Mt Clare Housing
o Ownership of properties
o Developer Interviews
 New Business
Minutes of Meeting
Jamie Pitts welcomed in the new year and introductions were made.
In attendance: Jacqueline Murray, Bev Thomas, Edith Gillard, Jamie Pitts, Bif Browning,
Lou Hackett, Michael Seipp, Joseph Tynes, Anthony, Bill Marker, Dianne Geis, Nancy
McCormick, Mark
The election of the Chair was announced. Bif nominated Jamie Pitts, seconded by Lou
Hackett. There was a shot discussion. Jamie was elected unanimously.
Discussion ensued about the possibility of a Vice Chair. The decision was to postpone
this decision while folks gave some thought to who would be a good Vice Chair.

There was discussion about squatters’ rights. It was decided that further research was
required on this issue. The task was assigned to the sub committee on tenants’ rights,
chaired by Dianna.
A copy of a tenants’’ rights brochure developed earlier by J. Law, a student intern. It was
decided that this would be a good start for the sub committee.
The concept of targeted code enforcement was raised again and it was decided that this
was not appropriate at this time but would be discussed later as we got closer to actual
development activity.
Dates were selected for developer interviews.
Under new business there was discussion concerning Habitat for Humanity developing a
project in SWP. There was also the discussion about the need for senior housing or
support for people aging in place.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM