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Malachi Mills Project Update

Delay in getting title registered for 1504, in negotiations with the owner of 1506 W Baltimore St.

Applied for one grant, currently applying for two more to support the work of Courtney Hobson who will research the social history of 1504 W. Baltimore St, develop interpretation recommendations, and help with community engagement. Major challenge is identifying non-State sources of funding to serve as a match.


  1. Baltimore St Project Updates

Making a little bit of progress at 1301-1303

There will be a lounge opening at the corner of W Baltimore and Calhoun St. Exterior work has been approved by CHAP.


Poppleton Support

Ms Sonia would like to get the Poppleton Plan on the agenda moving forward for the preservation of the remaining housing in Poppleton. Would like La Cite to own up to their original commitment to the neighborhood: townhomes for rental and homeownership, also supposed to preserve the scattered site houses and rehabbed for folks displaced from Poppleton from the Center West Development–that piece hasn’t been satisfied–developer has used the houses sold to HomeFree USA to justify that commitment, but all the houses in the LDA haven’t been included.


Ms Sonia is requesting the Historic Preservation Committee’s support to push the La Cite Developer to honor the LDA and to ensure the preservation of the Sarah Ann St Houses. Need to find out what the City’s plans are for the Sarah Ann St houses.


Walter: can get Eric Holcomb to the meeting to talk about what the MOA with MHT on the Sarah Ann St houses means–could come to the March meeting. Question about whether a required action was taken to have the houses declared historic. There was an extension made to the agreement that was still active.


Before the SWP can take action the Board will need to vote to support it. As the Preservation Committee, could ask the SWP to make a statement opposing the demolition of existing houses unnecessarily.


Scott will ask the SWP Board to approve a statement in opposition to the unnecessary demolition of viable buildings remaining in Poppleton–especially the Sarah Ann St houses and the houses on the 300 block of N Carrollton. 


Eric Holcomb from CHAP will attend the next meeting to discuss the history of the agreements related to the Sarah Ann St houses.


Ms Sonia had requested a stay until the development had reached her house, but the developer refused to do so. 


Website Update


Priority Projects for Future Funding

Scott wanted to get out in front of identifying projects that the Committee would like the SWP to apply for funding for from the BRNI/CORE funding available from the state.

  • Addition work for Bruce St Stables
  • Malachi Mills
  • Lord Baltimore Theater–Scott would like to some use for the Theater while other work is ongoing
  • Facade Improvements, tenant improvements
  • 8,10,12 S Calhoun, 1400 Hollins St


Would also like to advocate for funding that will make investment in the city easier and more economical



Scott asked the committee about potentially switching the dates of the meeting in order to not hit meetings on the same day as holidays. Tony suggested that the Committee meet on the third Wednesday. The Committee decided to keep the meeting on the third Monday and will figure out another option to avoid having  the Committee meet on a holiday. Another option would be to move the time of the meeting and double up on days.

Walter will be retiring at the end of April, Caitlin Audette will cover Union Square while Walter’s position will be filled.