Edith Gilliard Canty

Rich Shores

Dan Rodenburg

Serena Waters

Small Neighborhood Grant Program

Committee reviewed staff suggestions for changes to the Small Neighborhood Grant Program. Committee made the following changes to the program:

  • Set maximum annual budget limit (under SWP’s operating budget)
  • Adjust language to in public space
  • Require site control or evidence that you are going through this process
  • Neighborhood Association approval: 
  • Maintenance plan template, timeline template, budget template
  • Neighborhood association notification be required, if on the record opposition then the project is not eligible
  • Add language about starting the process early
  • Require grant reporting
  • Changing projects
    • Need neighborhood association approval
    • Can fund a previously done project
    • SWP has to be kept up to date with the difficulties
      • Dan and EW will change
    • If project changes in type lightpost signs Vs big sign Vs mural
      • Can petition Vibrant Streets
    • If it looks like a different project won’t approve 
  • Keep with Committee scoring, ask folks with conflict of interest to leave/recuse


Action Items

The Committee reviewed their current projects, and found that they aligned with the SWP’s performance metrics. They did not add additional projects or action items.



The Department of Transportation will be attending the SWP Public Safety meeting on March 25th at 7pm to discuss the lighting survey and other issues. All are invited to attend.