Housing Committee

Southwest Partnership

February 13, 2020




Review of November Minutes

  • Approval: Nancy first & Edith second


Performance Goal Update – Activity Discussion

  • Tony facilitated conversation on what activities the Committee wanted to continue doing or take on that are linked to reducing # of vacant residential properties. 

Old Business

  • Poe Homes Planning
    • Housing Task Force
      • HABC wants 577 for mixed income (287 poe homes, 288 new)
      • Talking about streets to open
    • Neighborhood Task Force
      • Review by neighborhoods of Poe Activity Proposals due Feb 28th. 
      • 29 proposals being reviewed
  • Receivership Update
    • Homeownership Zones – Tony reported on long wait for lien abatement
  • Tax Sale Update
    • Workshop on Monday, February 17 from 7-8:30pm @ UMB CEC, 870 W Baltimore St.
    • Tony provided Tax Sales process update

New Business

  • Update from 323 N Fulton Ave begins stabilization
  • March meeting will focus on BRNI/CORE 2020 applications for Board approval
  • Community Schools Survey – Due Thursday, February 27th
    • Physical copies can be dropped off at SWP Office or scanned/emailed to felecia@swpbal.org with the title “Community Schools Needs Assessment”

Adjornment: First Diana & Edith second