Betsey Waters

Scott Kashnow

Kimberly Sheridan

Elizabeth Weber

Will Brockman

Dan Rodenburg

Committee Activities for Performance Measures

The Committee reviewed the performance measures that were determined for four of the six goals of the vision plan and the committee looked at existing activities and determined new ones to advance the performance measures.

Proposed stabilization fund—is funding for stabilization, would anyone from the Historic Preservation Committee be interested.

-Dan would be

-Scott would be

-Betsey would be interested in being in the loop, but will be submitting an application

Proposed historic streetscaping project for W. Baltimore St—assessment and plan for historic streetscaping for W Baltimore St. Wants to create a glossy publication with proposed/vision for W Baltimore St. Connect with the W. Baltimore St sub-committee. Will check with Kenneth and Catherine on where this is as a priority for the sub-committee. Scott wants to take on the glossy publication project for the Historic Preservation Committee if it is not otherwise being done.

-historic light posts

-appropriate street trees

Added walking brochure as a proposed activity

Virtual reality tours (talk to Curtis)

Elizabeth suggested the Committee assign members to attend related meetings.

Develop marketing materials for current projects and ensure that they are brought to all events

Connecting with existing/other historic groups and their walking tours/events and other events that bring visitors to the neighborhood

Work with existing social/cultural assets to ensure that they are accessible to the community

Malachi Mills House would be a great site for social connections and educational events

City is looking for a venue to display the archeological artifacts from the Mount Clare House. Scott will follow up with Lauren Szchiach from CHAP.

Project Updates

Malachi Mills House- stabilized, acquired but not yet in our name

Architect is working on next steps for the restoration/development of the house

Professor at Morgan will be bringing students to look at the house with a materials class

Franklin Square Park Sign—still waiting on right of entry permit from Rec and Parks

1119 and 1121 on the 1100 block of W Baltimore St has been approved for demolition after years of community advocacy