Virginia Holley

Marvin Russell

Khandra Sears

Ivan Leshinsky

Richard Parker

Elizabeth Weber

  1. Community Resource Fair Planning
    1. Review to do outline and fill in gaps
      1. The Committee reviewed the to do list for planning the event.
      2. Ivan suggested inviting Bishop Cephas Richardson, who lives in Pigtown as a potential resource
      3. Kristine volunteered to manage the contact list and to contact the partners on the spreadsheet
      4. Have a listing of local businesses are hiring
    2. Sources of volunteers
      1. Lisa Rawlings had reached out to sorority network and could be contacted again
      2. Ivan will follow up with the recovery network
      3. Virginia will volunteer with
      4. Volunteers were needed for:
        1. Resume writing
        2. Mock interviews
        3. Registration
      5. Excel Academy students will be good source for volunteers
      6. Marvin Sisters of St Bernadine
    3. Sources of lawyers: this is a major need, not sure if JOTF is able to provide the volunteers again
    4. Food
      1. Ivan suggested Russell
      2. Richard suggested Primo Chicken
      3. Mr Lonnie
      4. Kristine suggested that the schools that teach culinary arts could be contacted–Kristine will contact the schools that teach culinary arts
      5. CUPs could also cater
      6. Richard will ask for food donations from neighborhood businesses
      7. Khandra: make sure to have coffee for the volunteers
    5. Ivan will ask Bif for the contact information for someone in the neighborhood
    6. Will make a list of locations for flyering
      1. Marvin will get the flyers
  2. Request to Anchor Institutions for information on hiring
    1. Richard will send a letter to the representations of the anchor institutions on the SWP board asking them to facilitate sending someone from HR to the Workforce Roundtable meeting
  3. South Baltimore Learning Center: Theo Walker at South Baltimore Learning Center is looking for volunteer tutors at the South Baltimore Learning Center, Theo will send information to Elizabeth to include in the newsletter, Theo will attend the Community Service Resource Fair, next placement test is in March