Scott Kashnow

Dan Rodenburg

Elizabeth Weber

JR Lee

Bif Browning

  1. Clean Block Competition Dan Rodenburg will put together a draft flyer, need to identify types of materials for goody bag and coordinate clean ups with DPW, Scott would like a stand up thing/broom, check with city if they have paper bags for the trash and will help us coordinate pick up
    1. Dan and JR will help judge
    2. Add most promoting block as a prize
    3. JR offered to donate medals
    4. JR suggested hanging a banner around Hollins Market, Elizabeth will look into the cost
  2. Review Survey Results and Plan for 2019
    1. Sanitation biggest concern, then greening and transportation, public infrastructure, with public art and programming in last place
    2. Environmental education most interested topic, then transportation advocacy and accessibility, turning vacant lots into greenspace, then public infrastructure advocacy and design
    3. How to schedule presentations and get people engaged–don’t want to make it so the work isn’t getting done but also want to get people engaged
  3. Small Neighborhood Grant Update
    1. Grant applications April 1st
    2. Elizabeth recapped the small neighborhood grant program–going to be more firm on projects that have site control that will meet the state’s requirements
    3. Committee discussed status of specific projects
  4. Dockless Vehicle Program: city has extended the scooter program, Committee is in favor of the program continuing, Dan thinks that the city might open it up to other vendors if the community is in support–could write a letter of support to the councilman, city council president, and mayor. Dan will put together the letter
  5. Announcements
    1. Public Safety looking into how to studying what is needed for improved lighting in the neighborhoods
      1. Go to DOT and ask them to do an area-wide study, ask if any more are planned and if so where
      2. Union Square Association is installing pedestrian level lighting
      3. Committee should do a survey of where infrastructure needs are
        1. Will ask the neighborhoods, can distribute a paper map with sidewalks, crosswalks, and lighting