Public Safety

Southwest Partnership




  • JR Lee, Chair
  • Tony Scott, SWP Staff
  • Scott Kashnow
  • Robert Meyer
  • Thomas Hams
  • Daniel Rodenburg
  • Sgt. Jones, UMB
  • Bif Browning



  • Introductions
  • Elections – JR re-elected
  • UMB Police Introduction & Updates
    • Sergeant Jones from UMB Police will be representative to SWP Public Safety Committee
    • Current policing area is around BioPark area, and rely on BPD for issues beyond. Can respond to felonies beyond boundaries, but not misdemeanors.
    • New programs:
      • Community Outreach And Support Team (COAST) to promote safety and boost the force’s community engagement efforts.
      • Homeless Unit: LEAD program – Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion ramping up, although does not cover all of SWP
      • Police Activity/Athletic League
      • DARE program (anti-drug use education) in 3 schools
    • General Questions & Answer
      • What do you think about Citizens on Patrol model? – JR
        • Overall useful model, if volunteers are properly trained
      • Cutting back trees at MLK and & W Baltimore — is there someone who could consult and do that for us in the SWP?
  • Old Business
    • Alley Gating update
  • New Business
    • Discussion of camera surveillance program in Southwest Partnership
      • Pigtown got City cameras through Casino funding, but results are not yet clear, and also took a long time to get those cameras.
      • In the past, BPD has worked with Ridgley’s Delight to tie into neighborhood cameras. Would SWP residents be open to explore similar partnership?