Public Safety Committee

Southwest Partnership

February 27, 2019




Approval of Minutes

  • Sgt JR, first
  • Dan, second


    • BPD
      • Robberies up → shootings up, but not particular to SWP → Citywide trend (juvenile-based)


  • Recommend attending BPD Community Relations Council


    • UMB
      • Comfort dog for officers, faculty and staff: for trauma response
      • Citizens App


  • Wednesday Nights, Police-Community Academy for 6 weeks starting in June


  • Neighborhood
    • Idea Discussion:
      • Would having a guard help at key intersections on Baltimore St help?
        • not necessarily
        • have multiple officers “serpentining” helps
      • Would moving edge of Southern & Western district matter, since they both end at W Baltimore St? – It shouldn’t matter, but in practice has impact
      • Can we schedule a “Bike Rodeo” or other engagement b/w police and youth to foster relationships?
      • Lights on Lemmon St? Who do we connect with to get more lighting? Crosswalks around Parks, schools → bumpouts?
    • Issues:
      • Unit block of N. Norris St. & Fayette St. drug activity during the day → neighbors go opposite way on street to avoid confrontation
      • Monroe & Washington Blvd – Squeegee Boys
        • City wants to cite them
    • Alley Gating sign design and content: Discussion and approval
      • Thomas first, Bif second, motion passed for Scott to proceed  

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