Diana Geis, Edith Gilliard, Jon Law, Nancy McCormick, Nicole Orr, Lou Packett, Dorothy Page, Kitty Perkins, Suzanne Welch, Oscar Blackie, Frizzet Barnes, Neea Reid, April Cruse, Tony Scott


Review of January Minutes

  • Leslie first, Neea Seconded with correction to add Neea to attendee list.

Guest Speaker: CivicWorks Weatherization Program

  • Help Baltimore City Residents for nearly free
  • Started 7 years ago to help with energy efficiency due to older housing stock
    • Helps cut utility bills
    • Live comfortably
    • Keep pollutants out of home (that can trigger asthma and other health issues)
      • Spider webs indoors are indication of air leakage
  • Renters need landlord sign form to get apartment weatherized
  • Energy advisor: phone conversation about eligibility
  • Energy Audit: 3-4 hours, top to bottom energy efficiency exam
  • Located at 3501 Brehms Lane, Bel-Air Edison
  • Have job training component and case management to tackle barriers to maintaining employment
    • Transportation
    • Housing
    • Financial
    • Legal services (record expungement)
    • Health issues
      • Is there an income limit? Yes, depends on number of people in the household.
    • How many ppl started that become contractors? Not sure, but shared a few anecdotal stories.
    • Classroom training is about 6 weeks and then paid on the job training
  • Is this like the HUBS program (Housing Upgrades that Benefits Seniors? They are two different programs. We only do weatherization and solar, not HVAC issues.

What is best way to get information out?

  • Email the flyers out
  • Community leaders can take it back to their communities
  • Post in local businesses
  • Sharing with local schools
  • Suggestions:
    • Not putting Income requirements on flyers to encourage everyone to call as it may help identify other services that they would be qualified for
  • Issue with 2-year backlog to City weatherization programs → how can the Housing Committee help? Send a letter and email to Bullock explaining the situation.
  • Resolution: Need to find where the breakdown is and then reach him.
    • Diana & Jon will investigate: is this is a CivicWorks issue or City of Baltimore issues?


  • HomeFreeUSA – HOUSING committee approves idea of partnering with HomeFree USA for home counseling but needs more information → HomeFree will attend next housing committee meeting
  • Habitat
    • Homebuying class February 23rd in Sandtown is next
    • Invitation to tour Pigtown — Committee agrees on tour
      • NEXT STEPS: Diana will send out e-mail and just respond to her
    • Feedback: Definitely need to advertise that they are geographically focused (Pigtown only), should have put requirements upfront to help people know whether they are really interested/eligible.
  • Tax sale/receivership auctions
    • Approximately 175 confirmed available for assignment. Will have a workshop in late February/early March to provide update and give details on the process.
  • Poe Homes planning grant process update
    • Neighborhood Task Force: 3rd Wednesday
    • People Task Force: no recurring meeting yet
    • Housing Task Force: had first meeting — next meeting in March
      • Add Suzanne and Diana to this listserve
  • Report out on Protecting seniors against fraud workshop
    • Good feedback that presentation was helpful
    • $380 for catering ($150 from SWP)
  • Civics Works Resource Fair (Healthcare & Housing)
    • Tuesday, March 19, 10am-2pm
    • Location: Sandtown-Winchester Senior Center–1601 Baker St

Old Business

New Business

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