Housing Committee Meeting Feb-08-2018
In attendance
Diana Geis, Chair (Barre Circle)
Michael Seipp (SWP)
Kitty Perkins (Mt. Clare)
Robert Meyer (Hollins Market)
George Kleb (Bon Secours)
Christine Verdin (Union Square)
Lou Packett (Franklin Square)
Dorothy Page (Poppleton)
Jonathan Law (Hollins Market)
Brett Elam (UMMC)
Khandra Sears (Union Square)
Dan Rodenburg (Union Square)
Matthew Benning (Pigtown)
Chris Redwood (Hollins Roundhouse)
Edith Gilliard-Canty (Franklin Square)
Amanda Marks
Yahya Shabazz
(Social Impact Development Group)
Don Wilson Zeph Powell (Social Impact Development Group)
John Bishai (Social Impact Development Group)
Jeff Powelle (Social Impact Development Group)
Michael A Brewer (Social Impact Development Group)
Dwight P. Nelson (Social Impact Development Group)
Meeting called to order at 7:05pm
Welcome and Introductions by Chair, Diana Geis
There was a review of January meeting minutes. Spelling errors were noted. Diana
reiterated that the minutes will be uploaded to the website after approval. Dan
moved to approve the minutes, George seconded. All approved.
Report on tax assessment meeting – Jonathan Law provided summary. Some
property assessments that happened this year were reassessed at much higher
values. Rochelle Kades presented at the meeing as did Mark Moyer, who shared his
experience with repealing this assessment. At the meeting Jonathan explained the
Homestead Tax Credit Eligibility.
Outreach Committee – Kitty has created a PowerPoint to explain what the Housing
Committee does and encourage them to come to the meetings. The plan is for the
Outreach Committee – Kitty, Diana and Dan – to attend each of the 7 neighborhood
association meetings to make a pitch to getting involved in SWP and in particular
the Housing Committee.

Water bill – Tavon was not present , will be invited to the March meeting.
Michael explained that at least seven groups will present their project plans to the
Housing Committee for clarification as the SWP puts together the applications for
CORE funding. In January, Michael was informed that they intend to open RFPs in
April which is three months earlier than last year so the Housing Committee needs
to move quickly to discuss and decide on projects. Three were presented tonight, 4
at the next meeting.
Group #1 – Social Impact Group – This is a return visit for this group. Several groups
have approached us with projects that would require additional funding and one of
them is Social Impact Development. Dwight Nelson (CEO, Social Impact Dev)
discussed the pilot program on Mount and Baltimore Street comprised of 12 parcels.
It meets the abandoned rate of 75% and is approximately 2 square acres of
property. They want to facilitate home ownership and workforce opportunities.
They have been in the community since 2015 and have worked with Franklin
Square community since 2016. They have identified that neighborhood because it
abuts the Baltimore Street commercial corridor. The seven partners are all
individual investors who came together to focus on making a difference in the
community. Dwight Nelson noted his close ties to the neighborhood – raised on
Mount St. They each bring a different approach and have aligned themselves with
various partners within the area.
Chris Redwood – Do you have more info about your group’s background and track
record to make a better assessment?
SID: will send out bios and info about ongoing projects.
Chair – is your focus home ownership or rentals?
SID: We’re looking at both but will initially focus on home ownership if we can get
the subsidies to make it work.
D. Page – Have you built in other communities or is this the first?
SID: This will be a first as a group but Mike has done work in Gwyn Oak, Park
Heights, modular homes on Milford Ave. Nelson’s Deli in Park Heights 2871 W.
Garrison Ave.
Chair – asked them to provide addresses that she could send out to the committee.
Nelson reiterated that it’s a newly formed Development company and wanted to
start with Mount St. because of his ties.
Meyer – do you plan to demolish and reconstruct and what is the cost?
SID – Yes. Costs will be about $140K. Subsidies will be important in giving young
professionals a chance to buy. Would cost $175K in a healthy market but will need
subsidies to bridge gap. Currently have the support of public and private financing.
Number of units replaced will be the same.
Seipp – have you thought about purchasing properties near that block?

SID: Looking at additional properties and possibility of creating a community center
that would facilitate a workforce development program. Would work with already
skilled labor and offer a sort of apprenticeship program.
Seipp: Assuming Franklin Square and Southwest Partnership support the project
and the proposal is approved how fast do you think you can start the project once
you have site control?
SID: already have financing so the turnaround should be quick, there should be little
red tape. We put the CORE funds ($100K) to work within a week of receipt –
replaced roof on 1518, doing environmental work in the Laundromat and we will
have the same approach for this project.
Chair asked for additional questions to be emailed. SID website –
Group #2 – Venroy July – Michael Seipp presented Mr. July’s project on S. Schroeder
Street. He has purchased 4 of 6 properties that abut the BioPark and has submitted
bids on the other two. His goal is to renovate the properties and put them on the
market for sale. He thinks he will have to put in new add-ons and hence will need a
subsidy of $20-25K per property. To get all 6 will be about a $120K request. Asked
for questions to be sent to him so he can relay them to Mr. July for answering at
March meeting.
Group #3 – The vacant lot at Pratt and Mount St (RE-Public) – Seipp presented this
project. They bought the land at auction 4 years ago and have been waiting for the
market to improve. They have not presented their plan to Union Square Assoc. yet.
The plan is for 20 houses total – 6 on Pratt, 6 on Mount and the rest will replicate
the houses currently on Lemon St. The houses would come on the market mid-late
2019. They would sell at $175-265K for 3-4 story homes. Their request could be
about $500K.
The plan for choosing projects and rating them in time for the April deadline was
explained. Submit questions to Michael within a week so we can have them
addressed for March meeting.
SID asked what the committee and communities expect of developers. Home
ownership is our main focus over rental properties, lease to own programs,
workforce development programs and hiring local workers, addressing vacant
houses were listed. There was further discussion on how increasing income and
home ownership will improve school quality as well.
Report on the Housing Fair – The housing fair is on March 24 th at the BioPark and
will promote UMB’s Live Near Your Work program. The next meeting for the fair
organization is Feb 22 nd at 3pm in the Lion Brother’s building.
Circled back to item 4 – Dotie Page summarized meeting with La Cite developers
and Poppleton members organized by Councilman John Bullock. Among their
concerns were:

The height of the buildings to be reduced but that plan is already set and they will
not change plans.
They requested particular retailers but they stressed the difficulty in attracting
certain retailers due to lack of density.
There was some discussion about jobs allocated to residents.
There are hopes that they will meet again before they move on to the next phase.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45