The meeting began promptly at 7:00p.m. There were introductions of people around the table
and chairs. It was discussed, due to the number of participants, the meeting may be moved to
another location to accommodate everyone.
The Education committee was introduced to Ms. Caitlin Daily, Education Consultant from the
organization “Move this World,” an emotional learning program for schools. According to Ms.
Daily, if a school was interested in this program, teachers would work with a program manager.
Ms. Daily stated this program is for K-12 Schools and is evidence based. Ms. Daily stated
“Move this World” provides social and emotional learning program that provides multimedia
content for districts, schools and teachers to develop social skills and promotes emotional
health within Pre-K through 12 students. The aim is to create a positive climate and culture
giving students the tools needed to
Ms. Daily explained that students would view two video’s per day; one in the morning (opening
rituals) and one in the evening (closing rituals), reflecting on the day. Ms. Daily then gave a
demonstration as what one of the video’s looks like in the schools. Other resources the
program offers are social and emotional Library. In viewing the video demonstration, the
program uses the concept of 10 “emogers.”
Ms. Daily explained “Move this World” has been working with Nathan Pitts, Vanguard, Moravia,
Wolfe Street Academy, Booker T, Belmont elementary and other schools. They have also
worked with the YWCA.
The question came up about pricing for the program. According to Ms. Daily, pricing is
determined by teacher licenses.
The next presentation came from Ms. Amanda Benjamin, Social Worker with United Way. Ms.
Benjamin discussed her program called “On Track 4 Success,” stating they have been using the
program for two years (not sure what school she works in). According to Ms. Benjamin, this
program is based on a best practice early warning response model develop by Dr. Robert
Balfanz, a research professor at the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University’s
School of Education. This data-driven model applies the proven predictors of dropping out of
school. Attendance, behavior and coursework helps educations identify students who are
struggling. A school based team reviews the data and shares knowledge about the student,
which enables them to connect students and sometimes families with academic coaching,
counseling, health resources and to get them back on a path to success.
Report conferences – in need of volunteers
Focus Group Update:
Becky is working with the schools to get focus groups. The next focus group is on Monday
February 5, 2018 @2:45 at Vivian T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy (VTTMAA) and we are in
need of people to come and help with the faculty there. The hardest part is getting the parents
there. These are faculty/staff focus groups on Monday. The sessions will probably take about
15 – 20 minutes.
One of the committee members stated she may have George Washington interested in
becoming a Community School.

Amanda and her partner in crime, they are our entre to Franklin Square.
That would be five of the seven schools that would be interested in being Community Schools.
It was mentioned there will be a Community Schools Convention in May. Mr. Lou Packett
stated he may be calling on people to help. The convention runs May 2nd through 4th.
Subcommittee Updates:
Faith Community has their Inaugural meeting. (what date was that?)
9 Pillars of World Class Education – We are working on employment, education, but housing
and health needs to be explored. It was asked to explain to concept of housing and how it fall
with education. The Chair, Mr. Lou Packett explained………..
Delegate Antonio Hayes – Representing the 40th district discussed cultural arts institutions to
come into the schools. That could benefit the local schools if they are interested. Delegate
Hayes also mentioned on February 17th there will be a Town Hall meeting featuring the
Baltimore City Health Commissioner and any updates on what is going on in the legislative
session. The Town Hall will meet at 10:00am at United way (verify the time – it would help to
have the address).
Meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm