SWP – Commercial Development
Suspended Brewery

Table of Contents
Global Air Media 1
Drone Program 2
Suspended Brewery 2
Liquor License 2
Spring Garden Lending 2
Pete Pecorero 2
Main Discussion 2
Façade Improvement ($100,00) 2
New Business 4


Global Air Media
Drone Program
 6-week Build a drone workshop at Franklin Elementary School, last event Friday 4-5
 Teach you how to build a drone.
 Stem camp
 An initiative to use drones to explore neighborhood monitoring
o To monitor certain “high crime” areas at different times throughout the day

Suspended Brewery
Liquor License
 Approved for liquor license
 Should be open this weekend
Spring Garden Lending
Pete Pecorero
 Lion’s Brothers Building
 Banking business 37 years
 Looking forward to working in distressed areas
 Getting a great response from developers
Main Discussion
Façade Improvement ($100,00) received
 Fix 1200 Block of W. Baltimore St.
o To possibly begin in June
o Negotiate with the owners to see which owners will use their funds first
o Business has to be in good standing
 Michael Seipp list of occupied buildings on 1200 block
 Properties recommended for the Façade Grant
o All are occupied with the exception of one
 1207
 1208
 1212
 1227
 1231
 1233
 Discussion that some of these buildings have just been sold and
if this is the case, the new buyer should focus on fixing the

o Discussed the criteria of how these buildings were chosen


 All buildings believed to have an occupant
 Motion to vote for these properties to be improved
 Building owners should have a long-term agreement with
o Will attempt to get a 5-year lease, so the landlord does
not increase the rent, with no more than 3% per year
rent increases; or If not an extension, freeze the rent for
the tenant.

 Received quotes
o Person that repointed the 1000 Block put in a bid for the 1200 Block
o Motion (Troy) to use as much as $50K on the buildings listed above:
 Second (Jane)
o To improve these facades by:
 Acid washing or whatever form is appropriate
 Repoint bricks
 Rehab cornices
 Favor – 11
 Opposed – 0
 Abstentions – 0
o Motion Passed

o Motion (Biff) to use the other $50K to improve the streetscape of the 1200
block, dependent on if the Maryland Facade grant will allow this use.
 Khandra second
 Favor – 7
 No – 3
 Abstentions – 0
o Motion Passed

 Michael Seipp to call and see if the money can go to streetscape
 Additional work discussed in the meeting
o Discussion regarding using some of the funds to fix the streetscape was
 Sidewalks bricks leveled out
 Tree pits widened and planted
 Street lights
 Is it possible to match the initiative for 40K new lights in the
o BDC Match
 Start a Sub- Committee to assist with the façade application (Vote)
o Dottie second the motion
 Unanimous Agreement (17 votes)


 Motion Passed

o Motion to form a committee charged with negotiating with property owners
 Goal is to get money out to the owners first
o 6 people raised their hands
 Kenneth Watson
 Biff Browning
 Michael Seipp
 Troy Wilson
 Dan Rodenburg
 Jane Buccheri

New Business
 Liquor board hearing for the B&O Tavern on March 1, 2018.
o 1300 and 1301
 60’s 70’s Club is going under review for violations of construction by CHAP
 1 N Carey 3 rd stop work order
o Owner claimed that a build out in Stockton Alley that the owners knew nothing
o May have to go through a proper hearing
 Developer Robert Correro, 1400 Block of Hollins compromised the building and has
been condemned
o Hearing April 10, 2018
 Housing Fair March 4, 2018 moved to March 25, 2018 (12:00PM – 4:00PM)
o Encouraging employees to support the Parkland students in DC
 Union Square is getting a new carryout that was fought against
 HomesFreeUSA on Washington Blvd, had an agreement with the city to renovate 1000
block of W. Fayette St. because the city refuses to use eminent domain, two vacant
houses of the 1000 block went up for receivership was lost to a developer during an
o Need to establish a policy decision
o Backed up by legalese
o Backed by failed cases
 Fulton Ave.
 Motion (Khandra) to add JR to the meeting minutes from last month
o Troy (Second)

 Favor – 16
 Opposed – 0
 Abstentions – 0
o Motion Passed
 Next meeting at Suspended Brewery
 Motion (Khandra) to adjourn


o Troy (Second)
 Favor – Unanimous

Meeting end 21:05, 2/27/18