Southwest Partnership

Vibrant and Walkable Streets


1138 Hollins St 7pm



Matt Benning

Lucy Steinitz

Bif Browning

Dan Rodenburg

JR Lee

Julie Rivera



Dan Rodenburg, the new Chair of the Committee, welcomed attendees and gave them an overview of projects he had observed during his walks through the community.


Trash Project Update and Chesapeake Conservation Corps Application

Julie reviewed the trash alleviation program she developed last semester. The goal of the program is to change community habits and behavior around littering. One of the things that was found while developing the program was that it really needed to have a full time person dedicated to implementing the program. The Chesapeake Bay Trust runs a Chesapeake Conservation Corps Americorps program which could provide a full time Corps member to implement the program.


The Corps member would be organizing and supporting regular community cleanups, coordinating targeted block cleanups, develop and manage the education and marketing efforts of the anti littering programs.


Matt mentioned that Pigtown Main Street has been organizing cleanups the last Saturday of every month, and they have been successful because they are regularly scheduled and have incentives.


The Committee reviewed the application and offered suggestions for edits, including:

Adding language about identifying and developing incentives for clean ups

Adding outcomes related to the impact of the program, such as improved perception of the neighborhood and increased health of the watershed

Connecting the neighborhoods, DPW, and the 311 system

Coordinating an adopt a tree program

Grating storm drains

Identifying sources of trash (like circulars) and eliminating them


2017 Goals

The Committee discussed possible goals for 2017 including continuing tree plantings to fill in gaps in the tree canopy, working on the trash program, improving lighting, flags and other wayfinding and placemaking tools, expanding tree pits, and continuing to work with the Carey St corridor. Dan wants to get in touch with the owners of the garages along Carey St to see if they would be interested in repainting the garages.


The Committee discussed greening, planting, and the challenges with drugs and trash


JR asked about the hill behind Southwest Baltimore Charter School, which has recently been cleared and which provides the students at the school a perspective into unsavory behavior.

We are working with the B&O on a long term solution and are more than happy to work with the school on a short term solution.



The Committee discussed the need to do more outreach and outreach strategies. Options included outside posters advertising Committee meetings, flyers in businesses, and inviting the cleaning and greening representatives from each neighborhood. Dan and Elizabeth will plan to attend upcoming neighborhood association meetings.



There will be a clean up in Union Square Park Saturday the 25th.