Southwest Partnership Housing Committee
1.12.17 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jamie Pitts, Michael Siepp, Jarret Horst, Edith Gilliard, Diana Guiess, Nancy McCormick,
George Kleb, Suzanne Welch, Lou Packett, Bill Joyner, Ray Roman, Don Wilson, Marcellus Butler, Yaya,
Matthew Benning, Michael Brewer, Jeff Powell, Dwight Nelson

 Introduction
 Nehemiah Project:
o Lou described the work of Social Impact Development (SID) who currently have put
together a proposal for 97 properties to be managed as a scattered development for
o He has been discussing how the work of SID can be combined with the efforts of the
Workforce Development committee (this effort is called the Nehemiah Project)
o Rehabilitated properties would be structured to utilize the Low Income Housing Tax
Credit (LIHTC) program.
o Diana reiterated that not all citizens are looking to own and recommended that rentals
be considered for part of this development proposal
o Jamie suggested that a pre-established list of requirements, dictated by the
neighborhood organizations, could be established as a benchmark for obtaining the
endorsement of the Southwest Partnership (SWP) Housing Committee

 Property Rights Handbook:
o Diana is still requesting edits if they are found (See attached)
o Diana reviewed the content of the pamphlet
o Diana has reached out to a local printing company for a publishing estimate but has not
heard back with a quote
o Michael stated that he would have Chalente follow up with getting these printed
 Center West Development (La Cite) Update:
o Jamie and some other neighborhood representatives met with members of the City and
informed the group that La Cite has broken ground on Phase 1
o Phase one is located between Schroeder St. and Lexington St.
o There is a CBRE PDF that details Phase I that can be found at:
o Jamie expressed concerns about the quality of life conditions while construction
progresses. This project has the potential to stretch over the next 15 years.
o It was clarified that La Cite is still the majority holder of the project
 Unity Property Update:

o Michael and representatives from Bon Secors met today with the Housing Department
to discuss a path forward for these 104 properties and assign next steps to participants
o Three funding application deadlines are approaching and Michael expressed to the city
that a timely response will be crucial to the success of this project
o Michael reported that this meeting was the first time that all the right people were in
the room with united support of the project
o George reviewed the schedule for the project (see below)
 Goal Setting for 2017:
o Jamie would like to focus on development projects in the other 4 areas outside of
Franklin Square or Poppleton where the Housing Committee is already involved in
o Diana would like to see a representative of each neighborhood association at the table
o Michael would like to see a study about residents aging in place in the community and
identify a strategy and loan pool for assisting these home owners who want to remain in
the community
o Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI): Michael would like to see the
committee have a working understanding of this initiative and be prepared with ideas to
take advantage of the BRNI opportunity. Find out more at:
o Jamie suggested that the group review the vision plan of the SWP and provide
comment. Find out more at:
o Bill would like to see the committee push more education opportunities out to the
 Old Business – addressed above
 New Business
o Jarret suggested the group consider the upcoming SoWeBo festival as an opportunity.
The SWP does have a presence at SoWeBo that includes a one page hand out about the
Housing Committee.
o Jamie stated that he would like to see more a more ambitious advertising effort in the
future. He suggested advertising at local bus stops playing on the notion of decreasing
traffic/travel time from the nearby highways.
o Yaya and Diane discussed the “Safe Demolition In Baltimore City” petition Dottie found
which is requesting for increased accountability for contractors who demolish buildings
but leave rubble piles and other unsafe conditions. Some of the members in attendance
stated they have not received the email. That petition can be found here:
o Lou stated that March 20 th through the 22 nd , a group of Clemson volunteers will be
available to put to work in the community.
 Unity Property Schedule from George Kleb:

SWP Lease Purchase

Firm up Target Properties February 2017
Obtain Site Control March-September 2017
Order Phase I and hazmat survey May 2017
Schematic Design June-July 2017
Sign agreement with partners July 2017
Submit CORE application July 2017
Conceptual Cost Estimate July-August 2017
City NOFA (site control is a prerequisite) August-September 2017
LIHTC Application October 2017
LIHTC Award February 2018
Title work March 2018
Design development, including engineering March-June 2018
Other Fundraising March-June 2018
Acquisition of property with CORE March 2018
Viability Submission June 2018
Revise cost estimate based plans ` July 2018
Prepare Demo Permit August 2018
Apply to BGE and other utilities August 2018
Form development entity August 2018
Commitment Submission September 2018
Prepare permit drawings October 2018

CORE demo/stabilization/hazmats October 2018
Obtain Permit February 2019
Public works agreement February 2019
Due diligence/closing calls March-April 2019
Acquire any outstanding properties/close on financing April 2019
15 month construction period April 2019-July 2020
Lease Up July 2020-January 2021
Pay off construction loan/close on perm. Financing March 2021