Southwest Partnership

Historic Preservation Committee

February 20th 2017

918 Lemmon St 6pm


Meeting Minutes



Betsey Waters

Jane Mayrer

Michael Mellett

Scott Kashnow

Dan Morrison

Dan Rodenburg

Elizabeth Weber


YouthWorks Program

There will be four YouthWorkers working on historic preservation projects as part of the UMB/SWP Community Youth Fellowship YouthWorks program. The Committee needs to determine what they would like the students to work on so there is a structure for the program and it is useful for both and the students and the Committee.


The Committee discussed possible project ideas. Jane would like there to be some research done on African American history in Franklin Square and has some leads through St Luke’s records. In general, the Committee is interested in learning about who lived in the neighborhoods in the past and what their lives were like. They discussed sources of information and the prep work that would need to be done for the project to be successful.


Dan M suggested Evernote as a way of storing information. He will look into this. Elizabeth will write up the project plan based on the discussion and share with the Committee.


Hollins Market Redevelopment

Warhorse has submitted a proposal to the city to redevelop Hollins Market. Scott would like the Historic Preservation Committee to take the time to determine what historic elements of the Market they feel need to be preserved.


Dan M provided an update on where the community engagement process was, and suggested that someone from the Historic Preservation Committee should serve on the community advisory panel.


Dan R expressed interest in serving on the panel, but a decision doesn’t need to be made right away–Scott wondered if he would already have a seat as the CHAP representative.


The Committee agreed that while the original brick structure was important and historical and should be preserved the wooden shed was not. The stall numbers on the curbs are also important and need to be preserved. The Committee would like to have the historic market feel restored–open to the neighborhood. They also would like to see the storefronts of the surrounding buildings preserved/restored.


Southwest Storytelling Project

Quasia is following up with the suggested community members. She hasn’t had any responses yet but will start calling this coming week. The Committee discussed the importance of personal contacts with people, as well as being able to go to them to collect their stories. We will scheduled the next event in a few months.


Sign Project

There are state grants coming up that the sign project would be a good fit for. Elizabeth is planning on applying.