Southwest Partnership Historic Preservation Committee


Monday, February 22nd


Zellas Pizzaria 6pm



Josh Harris

Dotie Page

Bif Browning

Stephanie Lawrence

Michael Mellett

Scott Kashnow

Betsy Waters

Dan Rodenburg


  1. Review of Committee Goals:

At the December meeting the Committee established two goals:

  1. Establish signage in historically and culturally locations in the seven neighborhoods.
  2. Work with the neighborhoods to develop a list of historically significant buildings and develop strategies for preserving them.


  1. Wayfinding Sign for Hollins House

Josh printed samples of possible designs for the wayfinding sign that will be installed at Hollins House. The committee reviewed the options and selected those that they liked best. In general, the Committee liked a map style sign that indicated a variety of locations in the neighborhood, as well as signs with historic character and detailing (such as wrought iron). The wayfinding sign will be installed as a welcome to the neighborhood and an indication of its historic character. Scott suggested asking the developers of Hollins House if they would be willing to move the fence surrounding the property to highlight the green space and improve the appearance of the lot.


Josh will reach out to the developers in order to share the committee’s design selections and ask about moving back the fence.


  1. Historic Signs Throughout the Neighborhoods

The Committee discussed the historic signage throughout the neighborhoods. It is important that there be uniformity in design in signage throughout the neighborhood, which will require collaborating with the Safe, Vibrant, and Walkable Streets Committee. Michael Mellett would like to see traditional black edged metal signs with text provided by the neighborhoods to highlight historic sites in each community. The signs will focus on historical and cultural information, rather than wayfinding.


  1. Neighborhood Tours and Building Preservation

Betsy raised concerns about the condition of buildings on the commercial corridor of W Baltimore St and the commercial areas around Hollins Market. Many of the buildings are in desperate need of intervention to preserve them–and the historic buildings are part of the character of the neighborhoods. The Commercial Development Committee is focusing on buildings from a commercial development, rather than a preservation perspective–it is the role of the Historic Preservation Committee to develop strategies to preserve the buildings.


The next tour will be scheduled for Saturday, March 26th at 10am, meeting at Hollins Market. The tour will be on W Baltimore St and the Hollins Market district, with a focus on identifying historic buildings that are in need of preservation. Philecia and Elizabeth will invite Dave Shackelford from the B&O to attend.


Josh reported that he had heard that Underarmor had been touring Hollins Market and was interested in buying it and many of the surrounding buildings. Bif reported that he thought that was an old rumor, as it had been mentioned when he was co-chair of the Commercial Development Committee, and that it wasn’t an active possibility. The Committee determined that as part of their tour on the 26th they would identify historically important buildings so has to be able to have input during any development possibilities or discussions in the future.


  1. Announcements and New Business

Dave Shackelford, from the B&O Railroad Museum will be giving a talk on the B&O and its history at the Irish Railroad Workers Museum (920 Lemmon St) on March 12th at 11 am.


Dan Rodenburg raised a concern that there hadn’t been a proper election at the last meeting as it had not been properly announced to the voting/regular members of the Committee. A discussion was had about whether or not there had been a proper election for chair at the last meeting. Bif made a motion to hold a new election at the next meeting. Josh stated that he had to adjourn the meeting as he had stated at the beginning that he had to end the meeting at 7, but that the Committee could continue the discussion. The Committee voted unanimously to hold a new election at the next meeting.