Kristine Balasz

Richard Parker

Lou Packett

Elizabeth Weber

Ivan Leshinsky

Rachel Goodrich

Khandra Sears

Lisa Rawlings

Scott Kashnow

Chris Firehook

Laura Dykes

Adenike Akintola

David McGill

Diana Geis

Jane Mayrer

Bif Browning

Van Brooks

Bill Marker

Committee approved last months minutes.


Review of Resources and Past Committee Work

Committee reviewed the indicators and performance measures developed last year. These should guide thinking about projects.


Funding Available: we have $3,000 in program funding available–this is less than previously thought. Suggestion from staff is that this be used to meet immediate workforce needs of community members


Current projects: major project is the Southwest Works program, which provides workforce development support to community members–serves as an initial point of contact, and help coordinate the anchor referral program. In the past have also focused on outreach including community resource fairs. Also hold a monthly workforce roundtable meeting of workforce development providers. Recently have, through funding from the Lowe’s foundation been able to make grants to community organizations to workforce development programs in the area as well as to Bon Secours Community Works for expanded case management services. 


January meeting will have geographic overview of clients and placement rate as well as the number of client seen


Lou asked if workforce roundtable members could share placement rates? Anchors would, but private non-profit organizations will generally not. Lisa and Rachel will ask the anchors for their placement–roundtable can take on asking partners to share information.


Overview of Possible Future Projects


Kristine wanted to know the greatest needs at the anchor institutions in dealing with pandemic? Could raise funding for healthcare worker training. Lisa–grant provided funding for training for healthcare workers at UMMC. There are also programs in place which provide training for those programs. Programs’ issues are the need for folks who meet the reading and math eligibility requirements and having folks from the community referred to them in general. Lisa can find out what the anchors are hiring for.


Missing link is getting the resources and information to folks in the community. 


Lisa and Rachel have a zoom meeting every Wednesday at 12 about the anchor institution referral program.


Elizabeth will share the link to submit resources and information to the SWP social media.


SAFE Center uses social media to connect to parents. Ivan found that outreach was never a one size fits all situation and suggested making a media plan. 


Develop a workforce development communication strategy and have a consistent, focused message to share about available resources. 


Committee discussed using community school coordinators as partners in developing an outreach strategy for their schools.


Khandra suggested reaching out to Curtis about low tech communication strategies and options. 


Community Survey Presentation


Lou shared proposed timeline for community survey effort—goal is to go door to door to share information about the SWP and resources and build relationships with them and also to collect data—hope to get that information from different committees and associations. 


Richard asked if he had begun to reach out to associations? Lou hasn’t started reaching out yet—is putting together a summary to send to the presidents to present to the associations.


Lou will be sending out two documents to forward to presidents and committee chairs and think about what would be helpful to committee in terms of data collected. Also think about volunteers.


Trying to raise money to pay folks to canvass, but can’t rely on that so need as many volunteers as possible.



Union Square tree lighting Dec. 10th and 11th


Van motioned to adjourn, David seconded, the committee adjourned.