Caryn York

Bif Browning

Ivan Leshinsky

Brittany Clapp

Kristine Balasz

Lou Packett

Khandra Sears

Richard Parker

Virginia Halley

Marvin Williams

Community Fair Resource Planning Updates

    1. Current Outline
      1. Timing
        1. Tentatively May 4th, April 27th back up
        2. time 6pm-12am
      2. Location
        1. Tentatively Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School, need to confirm once date is set
      3. Content
        1. Focus on legal services, resume writing, job training programs, and having direct connection to upcoming employment opportunities available at the event
          1. Have checklist of application requirements
          2. Have information about available job opportunities
          3. Register people for programs
          4. Hiring information table
            1. Anchors, local business who are hiring, employers who are hiring from the community
          5. Have applications available
      4. NEEDS
        1. Outreach partners. Kristine suggested enlisting high school students for canvassing the neighborhood, and volunteer at the event
        2. Legal services partners/volunteers
        3. Funding
          1. Need supplies, food, computers, networks, stipends for outreach volunteers
          2. Ivan will connect with BCF
          3. Lou will talk to SID
        4. Volunteers (Ivan will reach out to recovery network, Marvin to Turk House, Bif to the UMMC houses in Union Square, Lou to Bon Secours)
    2. Discussion and Next Steps

Next Steps

-contact Franklin Square and solidify date

-develop list of people who are hiring

-anchors about getting folks there

-businesses looking to hire locally

-Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce

-contact training programs

-find people who have resume writing experience (for longer term unemployed)

-Elizabeth will compile a google doc with all of the suggested contacts

-business owners who can donate

-MTA passes

-Childcare, headstarts



  • Anchors (Elizabeth)
  • Businesses who are hiring and willing to come out and do info sessions (Bif, Carroll Camden)
  • List of available jobs
  • MOED/Southwest Works
  • Resume Writing Support
  • AARP Volunteer Corps (Ivan)
  • Project Place
  • Homelessness (Marvin)


Training/Adult Education

  • Training programs (Ivan)
  • GED and other Adult Education programs (South Baltimore Learning Center) (Caryn)



  • Legal Volunteers (Caryn)
    • Seniors, SSI/SSDI, expungement
  • Pre-Release Programs/Resources (Volunteers of America)
    • Maryland Justice Project
    • Out For Justice
  • Re-Entry Services



Richard Parker ran for the chair of the committee. No one else ran. Richard was unanimously elected chair of the Committee


January meeting canceled