Kimberly Sheridan

Jane Mayrer

Betsey Waters

Dan Rodenburg

Elizabeth Weber

William Culler

Committee Elections

Scott was nominated

Betsey was nominated but declined

Scott read the minutes from January 2018 and is concerned that the Committee hadn’t accomplished its specific goals from the past year—realizing that many projects take longer to accomplish than others.

Jane: reflect applause and gratitude for Scott for taking it on.

Scott was elected Chair of the Committee

Goals for 2019

At the end of 2019 what do we want to have accomplished?

  •       Know is happening with identified historic properties in the area (Lord Baltimore, Ford Building, historic houses in Poppleton)

o   Lord Baltimore

o   1420 W Baltimore St

o   1 N. Carey St

o   Other buildings

  •       Have a lawyer engaged to represent the SWP
  •       Design and print historic brochures
  •       Have the Franklin Square installed
  •       Malachi Mills stabilized and secured
  •       Engage design consultant for Malachi Mills house
  •       Put together a brochure for Malachi Mills house
  •       Organize a ‘friends of group’
  •       Make connections between small museums

o   Visit Baltimore and BNHA could be good partners

  •       Engage with Dr King and the UMBC American studies department in the work of the Preservation Committee

The Committee discussed the role of the Historic Preservation Committee in the Southwest Partnership and with the other Committees. Other Committees work on housing and commercial development while historic preservation is the only one working on the historic programming aspects.

The Committee will ask for regular updates from the housing and commercial development committees on identified properties as a regular agenda item.

Project Updates

          Malachi Mills House

  •       Received $14,100 from BNHA for stabilization of Malachi Mills
  •       William Culler: has an architect on staff

          Historic Sign Project

  •       Kimberly Sheridan donating the painting of a blue heron to the SWP to be raffled at the Annual Meeting/Gala to be put into a general sign fund
  •       Betsey suggested using Emily Waters’ photo prints as a fundraiser for the sign project
  •       Jane commits to covering the gap, as will Waters and Waters

1 N Carey St: should talk to Greenmount West neighborhood association on how they negotiated with the developers

1525: single family

1523: multiple units (commercial first floor)

1527: in process of obtaining, have tenant (currently four units)

BNHA Application

BNHA has neighborhood placemaking grant program—they are funding projects between $1500 and $5000. Shared with the neighborhoods, but are there any of the SWP’s goals

Jane suggested the walking tour brochure and one for the house—the walking tour brochure would probably be a good fit. The SWP will apply for a printed brochure for a walking tour