Housing Committee
December 13, 2017
In Attendance
Lou Packett, Robert Carrilo, Dorothy Page, Diana Geis, Nancy McCormick, Dan Rodenberg, Jon Law,
George Kleb, Sonia Eaddy, Yah Ya, Jacob Booher, Christina Engerman, Michael Seipp, JR Lee, Jessica
Michael Opened the meeting at 7:10 PM
The floor was opened for nominations for the 2018 Chair for the Committee. Diana G and Sonia E were
both nominated. After careful thought Sonia withdrew her name from consideration and spoke in favor
of Diana. The vote was unanimous in favor of selecting Diana as Chair of the Committee for 2018.
Discussion ensued relative to the following topics:
Baltimore Business Journal article about the La Cite development, Center West, in Poppleton. Diana
asked Sonia if she would provide a monthly update on the project as it relates to the Poppleton NOW!
Planning effort. Sonia agreed to provide updates. JR
Increasing representation on the Committee from each member organization and individuals involved in
the housing industry. It was agreed that this should be a primary goal of the Committee in 2018.
Diana expressed an interest in pursuing more information about Aging In Place and a role the Housing
Committee could effectively and efficiently pursue. Jacob knows a consultant who might be helpful.
Discussion included putting together a brochure concerning services and financial benefits for aging
homeowners, i.e tax breaks.
The condition of Poe Homes was discussed. Possible goal for 2018. Will require research and data
Michael raised the issue of the 2018 CORE and BRNI applications. It was decided that he would present
concepts that have been submitted to SWP for possible grants at the January Meeting. Based on
discussion at the January meeting developers would be invited to the February and March meetings to
present their concepts.
Christina presented information concerning the Live Near Your Work UMB proposed benefit and
discussed the upcoming January 27 th Live Baltimore Tour of Southwest Baltimore.
Meeting ended at 9:15 PM.