Commercial Committee Meeting Agenda
December 14, 2016 at 7 PM
Hamilton Bank Washington Boulevard
Submitted by Catherine Neeley

I. Presentation by Brent Fuller – Zoning
a. After a yearlong effort finally the new zoning change as signed into law two days
ago. It will be final in 6 months to give the time to citizen and neighborhoods to
give inputs.
b. Need to have inputs from neighborhoods with the full support of the
neighborhood. Associations and neighborhood have started meeting to discuss
the zoning.
c. SWP Exec Director met with director of planning. He will set up a process to
receive the request in Jan as they expect many amendments to be received to
transform Baltimore.
d. In the past it has brought hardship for many to get permits and one should think
about future plan of the neighborhood when making the requests.
e. New zoning is ready to eliminate non-conforming use. Therefore it is more
crucial to look at the zoning prior to buying a building.
f. Spot zoning is going to be harder to obtain and the building owner must show
that it does benefit the entire community not just the building owner.
g. For the SWP since the vision plan has been approved already by the city the SWP
has a backup argument. The Vision plan is not inclusive of the zoning.
h. Amendment request will be received by the city council then it has to be
reviewed and agreed on but the planning commission has the final say.
i. Reisinger and Bullock are ready to have informal session sit-downs with
leadership and present the proposed change.

II. Executive Director Report –
a. 1518 w Baltimore. Negotiation with the owner to secure title of the property
and engage with the associations to review the use of the building for the
benefit of SWP and the neighborhood. Financing line up available with favorable
terms for the risk perceived by people. Wanted 120K to be guaranteed
Goldsucker has guaranteed half and Jon and partners have agreed to guarantee
the other half. Closing is expected at the end of Jan early Feb 2017.
b. Alley Gating. Help privatizing 8 or 10 ft alleys to become safe public spaces for
legitimate activities. To get the grant the request was to pick a specific area and
select based on the number of 311 and 911 calls. If it proves it makes an
improvement to the area then the program can be expanded. Current the focus

is in areas between the 1100 and 1900 blocks of Baltimore. If the Abel and
Warhorse organizations see improvement they will match the state financing.
c. If trash pickup can drive through it then the city will not let the alley be gated.
The way to go around this rule is to get 80% of owners on the alley to be for it.
No alley with residence will be gated.
d. Several intersections were looked at to put cameras in place. This will happen
once the funding is available.
e. Marketing Campaign. Grant to start a marketing campaign to begin to promote
Hollins market money coming in in Feb or March. It is time to start thinking
about the need for street sign and how the web site should look.
f. Hollins Market RFP. Discussed the public market and private developer. The
RFP was issued last Friday. We asked for an advisory panel to review and make
recommendation on the proposal. BDC says they may add a panel.
g. SWP requested a Vote to ask BDC to change “may” to “shall”. The Commercial
Development voted unanimously for the change request.
h. Request was made that the association create an idea collection process and
develop a questionnaire and ask the interviewer to ask those questions. There
will be 2 public forums with tech people.
i. In the RFP the market must stay a public market a newly improved multi-vendor
retail facility. There are 7 groups contacted 2 have not decided yet. Warhorse is
going to respond. The old studies should be reused so not to ask again the same
j. Poe Theater. DC theater genre group want to move out to DC and come to
Baltimore. They are currently looking at Station North and the West side. They
will come back in 2017. Need to wine and dine them.
k. Is Bromo organization moving the west side. No.
l. A group made of Michael, Ben, Qwamee, and Sylva will put together a
presentation to attract that theater group. Old designation could be revived to
bring benefits
m. BDC. Cole stated that Baltimore street should not be considered a main street
but a development space.
III. Sub Committee Updates
a. Lord Baltimore – Jon No further progress. Funding was not approved. Asked for
grants to help but was turned down because we are not shovel ready. We can
resubmit in June. We do have the option to buy and are open to find creative
way. Cecil will have his lawyer draft a proposal.
b. Salvation Army Building – Lou No connection with Salvation Army. He was told
that they were evaluating all the real estate buildings and will decide if they
decide to invest in or divest. Lou cannot make meeting with city to look at the
building behind this year. Will visit in 2017.

c. Baltimore Main Street – Catherine Previous application was denied by Sheila D.
This time the team is being selected and will be ready to meet next year. At this
time Catherine is still gathering participants.
d. Merchant Access Program– Bill goal is to build a market by using as much as
university schools revenues as possible.
e. Provide food fairs inviting the merchant to campus to provide sample and meet
people who can spend food money. Last one was in Dec 5. There will be 2 food
fairs per year. Procurement leaders will receive presentations. Last fiscal year
went from 1000 generating double the growth to the merchants over the year.
Meeting is on Tuesday once a month one hour before the Commercial Devel
f. Merchant access: Bill needs the list of all merchant are available. Currently he
does not have the authoritative list of merchants. Baltimore city has approve a
grant to create a list but has no plan to maintain it. Need to find a way to do it
and Bill will speak about it with his committee to get a plan to execute this plan
for maintenance. Once he has the plan he believes he could get funding.
Remote access to order food pay by credit card and delivery still at odds. Ben
has helped provide a solution and if this work the full merchant food integration
will be complete
IV. Old Business
a. Election meeting commitment for the chairperson election next month with
voting eligibility of having attended 3 meeting during the past year. Alternate
date will be 1 th Tuesday of Feb for snow day.
b. In addition to the Committee chair election, the goal for the committee in 2017
should be defined.
V. New Business
a. 490 on Ramsay and Calhoun. Mt Clare has not approved the acquisition of this
business. SWP will speak to the owner and offer other locations
b. January annual party on Jan 28 th held at Lithuanian hall start at 7 to 10. Hope to
have a New Orleans style band to celebrate the community.
c. Next Tuesday at 870 Baltimore will can hear about the communities and what is
going to happen.

VI. Adjourn