Thomas Hams

Howard Hughes

David McGill

Roger Wood

Donnell Nance

Elizabeth Weber

Edith Gilliard Canty

Patty Hogan 

Laura Dykes

Neighborhood Grant Material Review

2021 Draft Rubric: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bdpYaeUOiR0qRfc2yliivOggyJjEoTPsIw2hVAchUXY/edit?usp=sharing


2021 Draft Guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eDIPE18GJ8KBZ2O1m74Pwes0cuZD6gTXjnt5oDGkG-4/edit?usp=sharing


Committee discussed the need to have to the Board vote to approve awarding new neighborhood grants in Poppleton while there is no board representation from Poppleton on the SWP Board.

Donnell made a motion that the Committee send a request to the Board to allow small neighborhood grants to be awarded to projects in Poppleton and, if the Board has not already approved it, a request to move forward with the neighborhood grants already awarded in Poppleton: a mural at the Excel Academy and signage at St Luke’s Church. Bill seconded the motion. 

Bill asked that the request be made as gently as possible if not within the parameters of the previous actions by the Board on the issue.


The Committee voted to support the motion–4 yeses and 2 abstentions


The neighborhood grants will be open in the fall (mid September) and will be awarded in November.


Subcommittee Updates


Bike: Public Safety Committee is planning a bike rodeo for spring 2022. George Kleb has shared some information about the Bon Secours development–they are installing and constructing some bike facilities. Also working on mapping on bike facilities. Continuing to reach out to Matt Hendrickson. David discussed bike pods as possible neighborhood bike infrastructure. Bill attended the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory meeting–the bike path behind the casino will be reopened in 2023. The Lord Baltimore current plan contains indoor bike parking (aspirational). Howard–the bike path is going to be around the casino as well as Top Golf, so it will be expanded. Committee discussed the need to ensure that bike paths are protected during construction. 


Franklin Square: still waiting for the City who has been non-responsive


Public Art: no major updates, there will be a speaker at the September Commercial Committee meeting discussing arts and entertainment districts, and there is funding available for neighborhood signs. Drumming at the circle park on Schroeder 2pm on Saturday.


Sidewalks: Donnell has been putting in a 311 complaint in when he sees a damaged sidewalk and then forwards the complaint to a community member.


UMB has pulled back from their previous plan for traffic calming at W Baltimore St which included extending/opening Fremont Ave. Hollins Roundhouse is taking the lead in working with them