Diana Geis

Kristine Balasz

Richard Parker

Bif Browning

Scott Kashnow

Ivan Leshinsky


Lisa Rawlings

Elizabeth Weber

Bill Marker

GorDon Baker

Virginia Holley

Case Management Discussion

The Southwest Partnership has received funding from an anonymous corporate donor to support expanded case management in the area. The Committee discussed how they would like to proceed with the funding.

Ivan suggested adding hard numbers of folks served

Lisa suggested reaching out to additional organizations and putting out an RFP

Lisa proposed that a direct hire of a case manager could be an option

The committee decided to send out a RFP, which will be reviewed by a subcommittee who will present the Committee with their top 2-3. Committee members will let Richard and Elizabeth know they are interested. 

Khandra volunteered to serve on the committee


Diana shared a link for free computer and internet packages: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJ1RjM6daYE9ZHEPU3Mya6zLGVez9kV35mUgCVNzBz58SCqg/viewform 

Get a refurbished computer and a hot spot


Diana asked about registration for the GED classes at the Community Engagement Center–registration process has started and classes start in six weeks