Public Safety Committee

Southwest Partnership

August 26, 2020




  1. Laura Dykes, 
  2. Gigi Lazard, 
  3. Tyrone Roper, 
  4. Sgt. JR Jones, 
  5. Bill Joyner (BPD), 
  6. Regina Merritt, 
  7. Bif Browning, 
  8. Patty Hogan, 
  9. JR Lee, 
  10. Daniel Rodenburg, 
  11. Catherine Neely, 
  12. Thomas Hams
  13. Howard Hughes
  14. Tony Scott



New Business

    • Introduction of new Neighborhood Coordination Supervisor for Southern Command, Sgt. Jimmy Shetterly (NOTE: Might get pulled away to cover Vice President Pence’s motorcade) – Ended up not being able to attend.
    • Neighborhood Policing Plan – Bill Joyner
      • Part of the Consent Decree Paragraph 19 – police department has to work with neighborhoods with “micro” plan
      • To shape that process for a neighborhood plan → neighborhood policing training (reach out to Bill Joyner)
      • How to best prepare
        • 1. already come understanding priorities; have a process to formalize public safety priorities — most deeply and broadly felt
        • 2. Is there one plan or multiple? BPD is not drawing the lines. Better to come from community
        • BPD would need information on date, times, name (internal, external) – central spreadsheet → how does SWP become pilot for this? 
          • Bill can work on this effort: 443-240-6864 work cell

      • Venroy: motion implement strategy to start recording at community level reports to the police that allows us to track complaints and response times
        • venroy, daniel second – passed
    • Community safety updates
      • Camera program 
        • Discussion of different camera options to increase public safety.
        • JR, Howard, Dan, Thomas commit to leading conversation on identifying pilot location and presenting to the Committee
  • Committee makes a motion to fundraise for cameras at a pilot location – JR, Dan – PASSED unanimously
    • Discussion of shootings around hollins market


Old Business

  • Lighting survey – NDC proposal reviewed. Okay to fundraise for it? – PASSED
    • Yes: JR Lee, howard, regina, daniel, JR Jones
    • Abstain: bif, thomas
    • Nay: Patty
  • Alley Gates – Thomas provided update

Motion to adjourn – Thomas, JR Lee