Jane Mayrer

Keith Robinson

Walter Gallas

Betsey Waters

Elsa Haarstad

Kimberly Sheridan

Scott Kashnow

Sonia Eaddy 

Malachi Mills House

The Committee reviewed the draft document summarizing the history and potential next steps for the Malachi Mills House.


They made the following comments and recommendations: 

Kim–add Malachi Mills birthplace and more additional family history–Add call out box for Malachi Mills, add donor list, create Malachi Mills page on website.


Elsa will make changes and will send the final version.


UMB CEC Mosaic

The Committee reviewed the draft of the proposed mosaic for the new UMB Community Engagement Center. They liked the mural, and suggested that they let the mosaic stand on its own rather than having a historic border. 


Project Updates

Design Charette for the Lord Baltimore Theater on Saturday 8/22:  LB Charrette Planning – Visual Development Design 11am. The W Baltimore St Subcommittee is working on a W. Baltimore St Walk of Fame


1 N. Carey St: dealing with issues with adjacent buildings, will begin work on 1 N Carey St in the next week or so. There are still challenges in getting the owners to understand that they need to restore or historically replace the windows.


1420: no update currently, meeting with the owners at the end of this week on their plans.


1517 W Baltimore St: the facade has been completed


Franklin Square sign project stalled but will move forward shortly


Sonia: Sarah Ann Street Houses–in danger of demolition. Poppleton Now wants to protect the properties. Preservation Committee also interested in seeing the properties preserved. Elizabeth will reach out to Walter about how to preserve Sarah Ann St.