Malachi Mills House Update

Architect has plans for stabilization—please share with contractors who might be interested.

Going to take off the wood paneling, save a piece for restoration, seal exterior with plywood and board windows and doors.

Fix roof.

Once the house is stabilized will need to develop a plan for the future of the house.

CHAP Updates

Franklin Square Historic Sign

Need to consolidate the language

Big sticking point is getting Rec and Parks into the park to review the location but project is moving forward

Historic Plaques for Homes in the Neighborhood

An idea has been raised to put historic plaques on homes in the neighborhood. Could also be a fundraiser if the SWP gets the signs made.

Unknown what needs to be done to get the plaque approved to be put on the houses especially in the CHAP districts. BNHA has a sign program.

Other Project Ideas?

St Lukes is on the National Historic Register and is at the end of the road as an active church, diocese and congregation are exploring ways in which to raise money to maintain the space as a community space/community center.

Roof is in need of replacement which is very expensive. Looking for possible sources of funding.