Lime Presentation

Multi modal—multiple modes of transportation (bikes and scooters both—pedal bikes e-bikes e-scooters). Only launching scooters to start (Not launching bikes). Have to pay city a fee one dollar per vehicle per day, makes it hard to do bikes. 20-30 full time employees (maintenance, repair, re-balancing) Bikes are more expensive to maintain and operate and so working with the city to figure out what to do.

Lime access program designed for low-income users, can apply for program (50% discount on electronic), can lock or unlock text the vehicle to, use pay near me which is a bankless program (people can purchase credits that will allow unbanked users to use bank). Juicer program will pay people for each scooter that are charged (5-20 per scooter, 7 is the average).

Looking to serve all communities, looking to deploy in the Southwest and every where in the city—looking for ideas for places, businesses can sign up to be a Lime hub

Deploy to hotspots every morning, track where scooters are used to see where they will continue to be deployed, can report where scooters should be (or where there may be too many unused). Should be parked properly (away from foot traffic, etc)

Hoping to be able to deploy by Friday August 31st or Saturday September 1st. Looking to operate 600 in the first week or so.

How to avoid high rates of theft/destruction: if scooter is locked  back wheel is locked. Theft is an issue in every market. GPS tracker and alarm, is heavy to move if not powered.

Will be a charge if taken out of the service zone (service zone probably 30 minutes out of downtown).

Will educate users on the rules of the city. Can ride the scooter in a bike lane.

Once it gets under a certain threshold it will alert you that it needs to be charged and how much longer it has left. $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute

Minimum age is 18


SoWeBo Landmark 5K

October 7th  begins in Union Square at 9am and goes through Hollins and Pigtown and Carroll Park and returns to Union Square. Open to walkers, kids, no dogs.

This year there is team registration, would like at least one team from each SWP neighborhood

Youth under 16 run for free and get a medal if they finish

Pe-registration 30$, 35$ day of, waive registration if you have a group of three or more kids, fundraiser for the Charter School

Southwest Sports and Fitness Alliance

Organized by a few neighbors who wanted to ensure that area young people had access to athletic opportunities. Visioning session at the end of April, don’t want to direct what happens in the neighborhood, but be a supportive resource in terms of technical assistance, funding, volunteers.

Organizing neighborhoods to put together teams to compete against each other, will happen at the Southwest Palooza at the end of September

No tennis courts, shortage of rec centers

Obtained entrance into the Poppleton Rec Center, in rough shape but plenty of space and could be used for programming, working on acquiring it to provide programming

Bon Secours owns an old library on Hollins and Payson St and open a community center with a gym

Feasbility study funded by South Baltimore Gateway Partnership (1 million -3million) for the Carroll Park Rec Center

Small neighborhood grants due August 31st.