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Baltimore Police Presentation

Bailey: Youth and Community Division: 2016 in 9 high school, currently in 4 high schools (Douglas, Patterson, St Francis, Math) have Explorers curriculum after school program and mentoring, geared towards students interested in law enforcement. Officers teacher a class period (pre-law), also do activities once a week (exercise, excursions, etc). Only two officers running the program. There are currently Explorer programs in only three districts (Eastern, Southeast, Northeast).  Bridge program: works with middle school students, been running for two years but just under this division two weeks ago (William Pinderhughes, Harlem Park, Rosemont, Calverton, Franklin Square, New Songs Academy). Mentoring program, officers pick up students after school, help with homework, do sports activity, good citizenship, purpose is to build relationships and increase understanding between law enforcement and community members (10 students per school. Students are selected in collaboration with the school). There are currently two officers running the program.

Adams: Officer Friendly: Being reintroduced (slowly). Strong presence in public schools, intended to create trusting and dynamic relationships between students and officers. Going to have two schools in each district identified as Officer Friendly adopted schools, focusing on grades k-3. 2-3 officers in each district will go through Officer Friendly training—will have consistency. Going to be teaching classes on stranger danger, bullying, good citizenship, meet Officer Friendly, officers will be available for mentoring, help with homework, volunteer pool. First day of school goal is have an officer at every school welcoming children back, official programming will start in October.

McGruff the dog goes to schools that reach out, goal is to increase having him go out to more schools

Through consent decree lots of opportunities for community engagement and community policing. Just don’t have the resources and the officers to have a more robust program.

BPD is separate from the School Police collaborate on programs like an ‘away camp’ for 50 ‘at risk’ kids. Work with military members, firefighters, etc, don’t tell kids they are police etc until the last day of camp, have a mentoring program (3-4x a year), over two years (100 kids) 4 have dropped out. Called the Love you to Life Camp

DARE program: do have some officers still doing the program because they were trained, are currently looking into doing more trainings for DARE or a program like DARE and to get more officers trained

PAL Centers are coming back to Baltimore—will eventually bring officers back to Rec Centers

Abigail: feedback mechanism for tailoring programs to schools and evaluating programs? Adams: that’s why starting slow with Officer Friendly, why district commanders and principals are working one on one on the program so that there is programming tailored for each school

Also more clinical programs—Center for Child Abuse, working with social workers

Lou: what could be the strategic connection between the consent decree and the community school initiative? Are meeting with departments to find out what they are doing with the schools and see if we can work with them to develop a strategy around more lasting/systematic relationships. In his understanding when there’s a good idea that meets the needs of the consent decree there could be funding found.

Adams: would want to know what the specific needs were—one of the specific things they were thinking about doing was a resource guide—might be an opportunity to sit down and meet to learn more about the community programs we’re doing and the consent decree to see what opportunities might be there. Will speak with the consent decree team. Will add SWP to information loop

Officer Friendly will be assigned to the District, the rest work out of the Community Collaboration Division

Community School Planning-School Neighborhood Relationship: passed out worksheet and think about the answers to the questions and what they would be)

September 15 Event

Second Dreams Deferred, Conversations on Racism September 15 at the UM BioPark, Antiero Pietillo, Wendy Shaia, Tebow Manikin, and another principal, will have flyers out next week. The next planning meeting will be next week to start some event planning. Need special help with social media. Camille suggested advertising on the radio (Morgan’s radio station). Tracy will sign up to help. Committee suggested channel 11 and other radio stations.