August 28, 2018 MINUTES


Troy Wilson, Chair
Bif Browning
Dan Morrison
Jane Buccheri
Marissa McDonald
Catherine Neely
Dan Rodenberg
Frieda Ulman
Bill Freeman
Curtis Eaddy
Tony Scott


Welcome and Introductions

Approval of July Minutes: Catherine approve Dan Rodenburg 2nd the motion and it passed unanimously

Commercial Updates:

  • Curtis Eaddy II – Southwest Palooza – 10 minutes
    • Curtis presented Southwest Palooza. Family fun festival. Presentations about the SWP accomplishments and showcase. Three things commercial committee is presenting. September 18 and September 20th presentation. September 29th is the day of the event.
  • Update on façade grant
    • Working to hire general contractor, getting two bids on the work for 1200 block of W. Baltimore Street, as required by the State.
    • Maryland Historic Trust must review plans and will take 45 days to get back to us.
  • Letter of Support for 1100 Wicomico Street for State funding for renovations – Approved by Committee. Should hear back before June 1st

New Business

  • Frieda Ulman (Pigtown):
    • Pigtown Bloom the Blvd Sept, 15th
    • Pigtown Festival on the September 22nd

Old Business


Jane motioned to adjourn, Bill 2nd