Southwest Partnership

Workforce Development Committee

August 2nd 2017




Curtis Eaddy

Gabe Auteri

Lou Packett

Ellen Craven

Elizabeth Weber


SWP Events and Marketing Manager

Curtis is the new Southwest Partnership Events and Marketing Manager. He shared the success story of a community member who got a job through SW Works through our newsletter–and workforce development content is some of the most popular on social media.


He suggested having a community education workshop series that could include community members sharing information with other community members.


Schedule of Community Events

Gabe has gotten no response from any of the neighborhood association leadership–most of them are on break until September. Curtis also hasn’t gotten any information on events from other neighborhood associations.


Ellen brought up the Poe Homes Back to School Resource Fair and asked if any of the Committee members had any more information.


Lou asked about the September 2nd Food Giveaway–it will be at three schools: James McHenry, Franklin Square, Steuart Hill. Gabe, Khandra, and Elizabeth will be able to attend. Elizabeth will send out the information.


Discussion/Outreach Materials

Elizabeth passed out draft question materials and a survey that could be a guide for having these conversations.


Curtis: word choice is a huge priority and keeping the literacy level appropriate


(The draft that Elizabeth put together is attached with the minutes).


Gabe suggested adding the letterhead/logo to the materials.


Ellen suggested: what training do you have in your job area to the survey?

Curtis suggested adding a question about what a good job pays

Ellen suggested adding a time frame (5-7 minutes )

Curtis and Elizabeth will look at some social marketing scripts to see if we could fit the conversation topics into them and share them with the Committee



Lou asked about Community Health Workers–can they be a resource for the community? Gabe: they are generally funded by the institution that’s employing them–so it depends on what the institution wants to do. It would be to find out what Bon Secours and University of Maryland Medical Center want to do with them. Gabe has good contacts at the hospital and Elizabeth will be in touch to figure it out.


Lou is going to a workforce development committee meeting in Sandtown. The coordinator of the committee asked if providers ever asked people about entrepreneurship? Ellen–she doesn’t have good resources to offer her clients so she doesn’t usually bring it up. There are resources that help people with that.