Southwest Partnership

Vibrant and Walkable Streets Committee

September 28 2017

7pm 1138 Hollins St



Kelleigh Eastman

Dan Rodenburg


Trash Project Update

Elizabeth provided an update on the trash project. There are multiple facets to this project, including environmental education, increasing the number of trash cans in the community, producing anti-littering marketing and campaign materials, and community building through regular clean ups.


We are currently scheduling regular clean ups with the neighborhood associations. Mount Clare is interested and wants to work with Union Square. Barre Circle is interested but hasn’t been in touch, and we still need to confirm with Franklin Square, Poppleton, and Union Square. The SWP will help with refreshments, flyering, and ordering tools, getting dumpster day schedules ahead of time, also schedule pick ups with DPW.


Anti-littering campaign–going to have a photo shoot end of october tentatively scheduled for october 20th, need community models who would be interested. Want to emphasize the idea of stewardship of your block and community. Looking for community members willing to be models. Committee likes the idea of bright colors–love bright blues.


The Committee littering behavior and the trash barrel being taken from Carroll Park discussed the challenges of changing behavior.


Will keep Kelleigh updated up the mount clare clean up