Southwest Partnership

Safe, Vibrant, and Walkable Streets Committee

Tuesday, August 30th 7pm

1138 Hollins St 2nd Floor



Chris Redwood

Bernd Kiekebusch

Dan Rodenburg

Jea Chapman

Dotie Page


Project Updates:

Dan Rodenburg has been looking into pricing a flag for the old firehouse on S Carey St. The original vendor raised the price when the SWP logo was shared, but he found another vendor with a lower price. Elizabeth will resend the logo file, and if there is an issue Dan will loop Elizabeth in. Committee members are still working on reconnecting with the owner. Chris suggested sending a letter.


Dan doesn’t have any updates on the pedestrian scale lighting project. Chris talked to the Southern District police major about lighting. The major mentioned Lombard from MLK to Fulton, W. Baltimore St, and areas of Mount Clare and Union Square park as being, in his opinion, in need of  brighter lights in terms of pedestrian safety. Chris has also seen footer protectors for street lights and is asking DOT for more information.


Chris has had a discussion with Tree Baltimore to look at all the trees to determine which trees need to be pruned. Jea has seen a map of which organizations were responsible for tree plantings and maintenance. Elizabeth will get in touch with Tree Baltimore to see the map, and ask about the TreeKeepers who might live in the area.


B&O is waiting for a grant to see if they can get more funding to renovate the Carey St bridge structurally. Elizabeth and Chris will follow up with the B&O to see what the status is.


Rain garden at the school is still stalled due to gaps between funding and the school’s vision. Jea suggested state sources for volunteers and technical expertise.


Carey St: streets are being repaved. Dan: the light at the corner of Carey and Hollins is being replaced after it was damaged. Franklin Square is working on their planting project currently around the park.


Dan asked about the status of 1 N. Carey St which is unattractive and a safety a hazard. He and Jea are concerned that the building is at risk of falling down. Dotie asked what was noted on the building during the Historic Preservation walk of W. Baltimore St. The location of the notes taken at the meeting is currently unknown.


Dan is concerned about dumping along Carey St and McHenry. It appears to have started recently. Could do outreach about trash procedures to residents. Chris will talk to DPW about doing a sweep along the corridors. Dan is willing to work with new social work interns on outreach. Chris suggested reaching out to Darren Williams to see if he would be interested in working with the interns. Could also be an opportunity to develop a relationship with the Mount Clare Shopping Center.


Landscape architecture class interested in working on projects around the neighborhood, focusing on the B&O Railroad Corridor.


Discussion of the Wilkens Ave Median and the issue with trash and the city–the roundabout was suggested as a potential place for a greening project. Jea will take pictures of the roundabout and send to Chris and Elizabeth. Jea suggested planting bulbs in the median.



Fall projects:

Tree plantings starting September 24th 10am-1pm and going through October. Focusing on Mount Clare, Poppleton, Franklin Square, and Pigtown. Chris wants to do Fayette St in Poppleton and Franklin Square at the same time. Jea suggested asking the Tree Trust for volunteers. Also two stretches along Washington Blvd. In Mount Clare there’s a radius from Pratt to Calhoun to Gilmor to Ramsay. Chris has assessed the pits there.


On the 24th there will be a planting on the B&O Triangle at Cross, James, and Ramsay Streets. Dotie suggested asking Price Rite for donated mums.


The Police Department is putting on a series of movie nights in the fall including Traci Atkins and the Tot Lot. Chris suggested the Stockton and Lombard lot. Dotie suggested the grounds around Francis M Wood as a location for the movies.


The corner store on Lombard and Calhoun was busted for food stamp fraud.


Jea reminded the Committee about the Baltimore City Sustainability Survey. Elizabeth will send out a link to the Committee members. The link is


Dotie is concerned about lights on Vine St. Dan will work with Dotie on increasing visibility.  


No new business was raised and the meeting was adjourned.