Public Safety Meeting

SWP Committee

August 24, 2016


In Attendance – Jea Chapman, Nancy Littlepage, Kristin Ramsay, JR Lee, Thomas Hamm, Michael Seipp, Patrick Hartnett

Welcome – Chair JR Lee

Community In Control – negative issue is trash, vacant houses etc. CIC stresses that the residents of a neighborhood can control certain aspects of their community by taking positive action.

Kristin suggested that we produce a flyer that explains what a resident can do to help their community.

Can we find a fund source to hire artists to paint plywood to be used to board up vacant buildings?

Will targeted code enforcement work? Long discussion about the pros and cons. At the end of the discussion it was decided that the following will be done to create a program addressing trash, weeds, tree pits, vacant houses:

  1. A flyer will be distributed about responsibilities of the property owner and/or tenant  
  2. A list of programs available to help families in need.
  3. A meeting with the chief of inspectors to discuss having an inspector assigned to the Partnership and work with the seven communities to work on priorities.
  4. A reward system be set up for community folks who are already working to keep their space clean.
  5. These actions are contingent upon the neighborhood associations being informed of the concept and having the opportunity to respond.
  6. One of the students assigned to SWP will have this a priority.

Camera and Gating Update

SWP should hear in mid September on funding for the cameras for W Baltimore Street and the gating. Hollins and Union Square have submitted possible locations for alley gating. Mt Clare is working on their locations.


Public Safety Day in Carroll Park

Helicopter, moon bounce, free haircuts and other a activities in Carroll Park on September 17, 2016. We need to confirm the availability of the Park.

We need to follow up with Richard to ensure the Park can be had.

Public Cross Walk Markers

The current walk markers have faded. We need Department of Transportation to restripe the crosswalks, with an emphasis on the crosswalks around the schools. Neighborhoods will look into getting the crosswalks upgraded.

Michael was asked to follow up with John Malinowski to see when the crosswalks will be addressed.

New Business

Concern was raised about a motorcycle club moving into the garages on Carey Street above Pratt Street.  Michael was assigned the responsibility of talking to Police Department and the resident agent for the owner.

SWP letter will be sent to the Police Department asking them to clear the illegal vendors from the sidewalks on Pratt Street.

Old Business

No old business was raised.