Southwest Partnership

Historic Preservation Committee Meeting

Monday August 15th 2016

141 S Poppleton St



Scott Kashnow

Nancy Littlepage

Michael Mellett

Ada Cowan

Dan Rodenburg


Project Updates

Historic Signage Project

The SWP submitted applications for funding from the MD state Community Legacy funding.

Next step is to ask CHAP for recommendations for a local sign maker and the best possible price and to look for other possible funding sources.


1101 W Baltimore St Lot and Building Update

Discussion about the 1101 lot of W Baltimore St. Landscape plans have been submitted but the hearing was not held the past Monday due to discussions about whether a landscape plan meets the requirements to have a plan before demolition which had previously approved by CHAP. The Committee had a discussion about whether or not the HeeHaw building on the lot was something that they would fight for. They discussed the potential costs of saving the building as well as potential uses including a pharmacy museum, a park or garden, and an alternative wellness building. Until there is CHAP approval nothing can be done to the building. Other sources of development could include the Maryland Targeted Investment Fund.


Michael wants to go the University of Maryland to let them know about the history of the building as Bauers Pharmacy and ask if they would be interested in preserving it. Would send it to the head archivist/curator, and Scott should ask Jane Shaab and Ashley Valis who the best person to send it to. Michael and Scott will put the letter together. Two aspects to the letter—important to preserve the historic building as well as its history. Nancy suggested cc’ing the other historical interest groups and the neighborhoods’ long interest in it.


Nancy thinks that the Committee should take on a stand on the project, but it is difficult to know who would be willing to jump into the project.


The Committee also discussed the Patrick’s of Pratt St. auction.


Oral History Project

It’s important to hear the stories of people who have lived in the neighborhood a long time and capture those stories while they are still around. The Committee decided to have an event to invite the wider community to as well as reach out directly to individual community members who might be interested.


Community members could share their stories in a variety of ways (taped, video, other methods) and bring photographs or documents that they would like signed and added to an archive. The events could be held quarterly at locations around the area, and volunteers and Committee members would follow up with individuals for individual interviews in between.


The Committee discussed have a community member speak at the event sharing their stories about the neighborhood as a model. Fran Rahl was suggested as a candidate who is comfortable with public speaking.


Elizabeth and the Committee will reach out to organizations which have done similar projects to ask for their insights, and look into a digital scanner and other equipment needs.


Nancy suggested Mary Alice as a resource who has been looking up the history of buildings and families for fun.


Dan suggested inviting Eugene Balbierz to do the videography.


The stories and materials collected will be stored on the website, and there could be a presentation at community events and an exhibition. Will need to get signed releases from all the participants.


Potential dates include November 12th and 19th or early October 1st or 22nd.