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Dan Blythewood


Roger Wood

Patty Hogan

Diana Geis

Jane Mayrer

Laura Dykes

Bill Marker

David McGill

Meghan Cardoso

Abigail Breiseth

Scott Kashnow

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Dotie Page

SubCommittee Updates

Signs: still haven’t heard back from the City on the signs–has reached out to DPW Community Liaison, and Ethan Cohen

Bill suggested including both Councilpeople for the area as well


Bikes: divvied up the tasks and responsibilities. Thank you to everyone who completed the bike survey–received 6 responses. In general put forth activities that the bike infrastructure committee could do. Received support for supporting bike rides in the area, supporting ongoing events, officially supporting the Greenway and other bike projects, and a bike pod pilot. People didn’t like a biking survey, and there was on respondent who didn’t like the bike pod. DOT continues to be the main gap. Reached out to the institutions to see what employers who are anchor partners are doing in terms of biking–interest in facilitating biking among employees, but no immediate opportunities for SWP partnership. Meghan is organizing clean up events associated with Rails to Trails and Carroll Park for Earth Day. Gwynns Fall Clean Up was this afternoon, the Carroll Park clean up will be Saturday 4/24. Meghan is also working on organizing study rides to understand street conditions in terms of biking, and organizing new biking events in the neighborhoods. Bill would like to join the biking subcommittee.


Comfort Station: Did get an estimate for the Comfort Station from Rec and Parks. There may be asbestos in it, which would be another cost. 


Public Art: had second meeting this week, collecting pictures and information on all the murals in the SWP–especially need help with coverage in Poppleton and Pigtown. Also discussed painting crosswalks–could potentially ask Lifebridge to adopt and paint a cross walk in front of the new Community Center. Friends of Carroll Park considering using Small Neighborhood Grant fund to do art in the street. 


Tree stumps: if you see stumps that need to be killed let Scott know and he’ll work on getting them drilled and filled with salt so they decay.


UMCP Landscape Architecture Students: presented their site analysis for W Baltimore St today as well as some studies of the 900-1000 blocks and the 1600 blocks. 

Dan raised a question about the type of lights that the City permits in low income vs higher income neighborhoods–was told that the City only permits certain types in low income neighborhoods. Was told by the City that there wasn’t the cash to push for pedestrian lighting. 


UMB Traffic Plan Presentation

UMB has decided to revisit the plan based on the volume and content of community comments. Residents of 800 block have put together the petition based on asking for a great role in the process–http://chng.it/DRTLzW8w


Scott–this Committee has a time of opportunity to take a look at the whole area along MLK–there’s an extraordinary amount of federal funding that will come for infrastructure along the entire strip. Bill suggests reconvening the MLK Blvd Committee


Definitely hear thoughts and comments and sharing. 


W Baltimore St Charrette Updates

Update was Saturday 4/10–overall priorities were on traffic calming and improved lighting. Concerns around greening were to ensure that greening was aesthetically appropriate/nice–not dominating the architecture and adding visual beauty. Next Charrette March 8th 11am-1pm. 


Abigail–could MLK/Fremont plan be redirected to a W Baltimore St traffic calming along a number of intersections?


Laura–where is the parking lot for the new building on MLK and Fremont? Where would the traffic empty out?


David asked about streetscaping around Hollins Market


Project Updates

Neighborhood Grants

Scott asked if there was a way to invest in supplies for multiple projects? That would be a major change for the project and probably wouldn’t work with the state. Committee discussed prioritizing types of projects vs neighborhoods. Elizabeth will draft a rubric for the Committee to review and approve at the May meeting.


Community Clean Ups

Limited in funding–normally for the clean block competition.

Lots of associations are participating in the Mayor’s Clean Up this Saturday. 

Could we only purchase tools for the some of the blocks–could be repurposed? 

Patty suggested hitting up Rec and Parks for tools, as Union Square obtained many tools through them

Clean up academy–sharing information and resources across the area?

Focus is on lots of small clean ups rather than one big clean up 


Possible for SWP to request dumpsters? Elizabeth will look into that. Would be great to have a community calendar for the area. 


Best Block in the West will be held in the fall.


Is there anything happening in the summer that could happen in the neighborhoods to support clean up activities