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Updates from Anchor Employers

St Agnes: trying to reach out to recruiting manager, but recruitment is not local and so there are challenges getting in touch. Right now Maryland is not under a surge in the hospitals. Are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases. ER and ICU are at base level–have been in prep mode in case there’s a surge in the next week or two. Seeing a challenge in terms of folks dealing with the lock down. Have identified 80 critically ill patients and are delivering produce to those patients. Folks who are being discharged are getting grocery delivery. Doing outreach around social distancing and prevention measures. Going to be issuing hygiene kits for seniors and families in the coming week. Are recruiting and are in the midst of hiring, so interested applicants should apply on the website. There is a real need for environmental services folks so Touchpoint staffing is still hiring.    


UMMC: Doing a lot of hiring–looking to hire about 2,000 in the next couple of weeks.  Hosting townhalls (UMMS weekly, UMMC bi-weekly). Lisa: have had a couple folks hired recently–the emergency staffing pool is a great opportunity for CNA/GNA graduates and others–are getting paid for the whole time they are getting trained. Bon Secours has also had graduates start working in the emergency staffing positions. Merceditas: are requirements for the emergency pool staffing still the same? Probably will stay the same

Will re-send emergency staffing pool link at the end of the meeting. The 2,000 positions are just the temporary positions, and are still doing regular hiring.

Lisa: post crisis there will be a big need for community health workers–should be in front of how to get people training.


Grace Medical Center: still hiring, Grace is one of Lifebridge’s smaller hospitals and didn’t have a lot of vacancies in the medical center, so hiring at Grace is limited because current employees have been furloughed into open positions. Do have space for support staff through a contract agency–Jessica will send the link.

Lifebridge is testing at Grace Medical Center 10am-12pm, free, no cost to the public. Need a DRs order which you can get by calling 211 (same day) if you don’t have a DR. Grace testing is walk up or drive up, there is also drive up testing at Sinai.


Updates from Partners

Southwest Partnership: hosting a virtual peer recovery training with Ashley Treatment Center, virtually two days a week May 5th and May 6th and May 12th and May 13th. Have 9-10 open spots. Training will be free and will include peer recovery coach academy, ethics, professionalism, and mental health first aid and participants will be able to participate in an internship with Tuerk House


MOED: Still operational, even though working remotely.


Bon Secours: Still working, working remotely. If any participant is interested in services they can call the main line and their information will be taken down. 24-48 hours for departments to get back in touch.


UMB Community Engagement Center: phone lines are open. Have diapers, wipes, formula. Supporting the UMMC food distribution program. 410-706-8260. Workforce Wednesday working on marketing services at the CEC. Doing recordings of zoom conversations with different community partners to get that information out to the neighborhood.


Question about Youthworks? Karen–talking about what they will do if they can’t have Youthworkers in the hospital. Looking to put together a remote program.


Question about community health workers/tracers? Karen–initial number is 8 for W Baltimore, which is low, but conversations are beginning and are looking to get folks hired once testing begins.


There is a concern that folks are not coming to the hospital for real, non-Covid 19 emergencies.