Public Safety Committee

Southwest Partnership

April 22, 2020




Introductions – Attendees: Scott Kashnow, Howard Hughes, Octavia Robinson, Cpl. JR Jones, JR Lee, Tyrone Roper, Laura Dykes, Robert Meyer, Tony Scott

Approval of February minutes, Howard/ JR

Tyrone Roper – Community Engagement Center Executive Director

  • GOCCP – Glen Fueston is one source of funding
  • Commissioner Harrison’s Community Plan
  • VIPP – Delegate Brooke Lierman: to initiate Safe Streets 
    • worked in Charles Village to build public safety plans
    • SWP could create a broader approach
  • How can “Hate Crimes” help us to get cameras? 
    • for example Churches, or minorities
    • BPD doesn’t track this way, but you can tell your stories
    • Deadline: May 1, but we can still have conversation that would help for future opportunities – Tony will set up a call. 

Old Business

  • BRNI/CORE FY2021 Recap – Alley Gates application approved by board
  • Lighting survey
    • Tony will reach out to Neighborhood Design Center 
    • Consider path on MLK going toward Pigtown for lighting
    • what is status on Carey st underpass? – Issue between DOT and BGE taking ownership of lights. Maybe engage Senator Hayes office to move forward?
  • Alley Gates
    • Working on installing access lockboxes to existing gates. New gate installation on hold. 

New Business

  • Neighborhood Crime Updates