Housing Committee

Southwest Partnership

April 9th, 2020


Attendees: George Kleb, Heather Kangas, Dotie Page, Edith Gilliard, Christina Engerman, Diana Geis, Dave Smith, Jon Law, Leila, Nicole Orr, Khandra Sears, Laura Dykes



Review of March Minutes – George first and Diana second

Presentation: Public Justice Center – COVID-19 Housing Resources

    • Renters cannot be evicted for loss of income; still pay if you can, but can’t be evicted; will still need to pay rent eventually (accumulates)
    • Document and get a receipt for any payments
    • Homeowners can negotiate with mortgage company
    • Any eviction or denial of essential services is illegal : 311 or 911
    • No utility shut offs through May

Old Business

  • BRNI/CORE 2020 Recap/review 
  • Proposals discussed
    • Homeowner repair (6 votes): a program similar to the current commercial facade improvement but for homeowners with limited resources (e.g. elderly, disabled, low-income).
      • SWP already has a proposal in through Poe Homes Activity Grant for this, but is specific to Planning area (mostly Poppleton and Hollins Market)
      • SWP might receive funding from a home improvement company to support this type of work for all 7 neighborhoods, but specifically for elderly, disabled and single head of household families.
      • Discussion around whether SWP wanted to limit its application to just elderly and low-income, instead of filling the gap for those who barely make enough not to qualify for any government programs, but still need the help.
      • Tony to investigate how Central Baltimore Partnership does their repair program, and options for income tiers.
        • Should be paid back through their mortgage;
        • Value of house should go towards house of $450k or lower;
        • Primary residence 
    • Homebuying incentive (4 votes): Downpayment assistance for first-time homebuyers that can be stacked/added on top of other existing incentives. Could model after Central Baltimore Partnership’s program. $5,000/person – $100,000
    • Homeownership class fee waiver (4 votes): Providing residents within SWP neighborhoods the $100 (or so) to pay for homeownership training classes that qualify them for city/state downpayment programs
      • Refundable? When they go to closing – discuss further if we get the grant
    • Homeownership Zones (3 votes): continue rehabbing vacants homes in targets block of Franklin Square, Mount Clare and Pigtown for working families (those making 60-80% of Area Median Income). – $1M

  • Poe Homes Planning – April 18th update planned on Housing Task Force, please attend. 
  • Homeownership Zones
    • McHenry properties should start stabilization soon, but waiting on title companies. Some are closed others are partially open. 
    • SWP still working to get city-owned properties that require we take out insurance before we can take title (8 houses, 2 vacant lots). 
  • Tax Sale Program – on hold until Office of Real Estate under Comptroller reopens for assignment. Normal May tax sale was postponed until mid-May, but that’s managed by Finance and separate from our program. 

New Business


Christina, Laura seconded