Diana Geis, Edith Gilliard, George Kleb, Jonathan Law, Nancy McCormick, Lou Packett, Daniel Rodenburg, Tony Scott, Frizzet Barnes, Dorothy Page, Kelleigh Eastman, Kim Lane,Steven Whalen, Dawayne Gaskins


Housing Committee

Southwest Partnership

April 11, 2019


Review of March Minutes

  • George First, Nancy Second


  • Receivership subcommittee report
    • 17 properties are scheduled for onsite Receivership auction currently around the end of May.
      • N Gilmor properties slated potentially for Caroline Leo
      • N Carey properties slated potentially for Noble Baier
      • S Gilmor properties slated potentially for Julio Barreto
      • McHenry St properties slated potentially for Home Free USA
    • What would Franklin Sq properties be sold for?
    • SWP will notify Housing Committee of walkthrough of vacant
    • SWP will ensure neighborhood leaders have opportunity to meet any developers they have not yet
  • Tax sale update – Tony
    • The City is willing to pilot a reduced tax certificate payment for non-profits, but will only test one or two at a time as opposed to the entire list SWP sent.
    • SWP has only received a handful of applications in part due to uncertainty around the lien abatement, but even for properties that do not qualify for abatement.
    • SWP will send reminder and updates to associations
  • Promotion of Habitat homes – Pigtown
  • Poe Homes planning grant process update
    • Discussion of overall structure
    • Update provided on Neighborhood Taskforce that deals with $950k
  • Live Baltimore – May 11
    • Will be at UM campus
    • Diana and neighborhood volunteers are working on brochures for each neighborhood
    • Please share properties for sale in your neighborhood

Old Business

New Business

  • N Carey properties being worked on by Noble Baier were approved for higher zoning (6 units), and will allow development on more properties.

Motion to Adjourn – Nancy, Kim Lane