Lou Packett

Lisa Rawlings

Ellen Levy

Jacquetta Graham

Rachel Goodrich

Elizabeth Weber

Lisa provided an anchor referral program update.

Chair Report

Caryn York, the interim Chair of the SWP Workforce Committee, presented the Anchor Referral Program report to the Southwest Partnership Board. The recommendations, especially the recommendation of including more anchors, was well received by her report.

Ruth, the workforce intern, prepared a report on the anchor referral program. Lisa and Elizabeth will meet to finalize the report so it can be shared with funders, stakeholders, the community, etc.

Community Resource Fair

Paul’s Place and Ellen will be vendors: will have vital document assistance and provide information about programs. Ellen will sign people up and people can do vital documents on the spot.

Rachel will ask the Employment Connection Center if they’d be available to be a vendor.

Jacquetta will follow up with the CFUF Outreach Team and encourage them to participate.


CFUF: Sent a participant through the community referral process. Peer recovery specialist starts next week, will have CNA/GNA training May 8th. Interested in resources for uniforms.  There is an upcoming STRIVE class graduation—Lisa attended everyone with the opportunity to attend. A Back to Business program is starting.

ECC: Casino hiring for environmental services next week, and an upcoming hiring event for health professions next week.

Paul’s Place/Goodwill: Microsoft Technology Associate training available at Goodwill. Ellen will resend the flyer with details. Offering online interactive videos as a job readiness training program—a Goodwill program available at Paul’s Place. It’s a pilot program currently—anyone is welcome. Paul’s Place shift to open walk in hours is going well.

Lou discussed how workforce providers could engage with community schools. Limiting factors could be staff, program structure.

May 12th the SWP Education Committee will be holding a panel conversation on race and its role in education at the UM BioPark (801 W Baltimore St) at 4pm. An exhibit called Undesigning the Redline will be open at 1pm.

UMB Community Engagement Center is planning more information sessions—security officers for UMB and UMMC is offering an e-medicine information session. Information sessions great opportunity to get people hired quickly on the hospital side.  Ellen asked if the information sessions were a way to build on to expedite the anchor referral process. We will explore this on a future agenda.

Closed information sharing session.