Southwest Partnership

Workforce Development Committee

April 4th 2018


Ellen Levy

Charles Armstrong

Caryn York

Elizabeth Weber

Lisa Rawlings

Khandra Sears

Curtis Eaddy



Light City Neighborhood Lights April 6th 6-10pm, Friday Saturday Sunday light displays along Washington Blvd

Baltimore HELA will provide guidance and resources with people trying to engage with public health and biomedical sciences.

Caryn would like to coordinate a meet and greet with the SWP Committee Chairs

UMB Community Engagement Center hosted two information sessions: Environmental Services and Food Services at the Medical Center. Had over 100 people RSVP, but only about 25 attended. Planning additional information sessions. University Faculty Physicians Inc are also interested in having an event.

Paul’s Place now has walk-in hours between 8am and 10am to speak with case managers, nurses, and address needs.


Policy Updates

Two pieces of legislation will soon be signed by the governor:

GED graduates will now be eligible for GAG grants (guaranteed access grants)–largest pot of educational grants

Child Support Payment Incentive Program: will require greater outreach to folks who owe child support to the state, and allow past payments to count, and will help people who owe have their debt forgiven.


Event Updates

  • Permits and Food
    • Forward information on existing vendors to SWP, SWP will apply for permits/food
    • Still need security plan and signed security contract and copy of bonding. Will have security from darkness to morning rather than 6-6.
  • WiFi/Lighting
    • Need high speed internet access. Requested access from WarHorse, will set up hot spots, figure out how to extend SWP office wifi.
    • Have to get lights from the city, Out For Justice will look into it
    • Lisa will check with UMMC and UMB on wifi/hot spot access
  • Outreach
    • Residents: best for Out for Justice members to do street outreach
    • Volunteers: will be intake forms sent out to be widely shared
      • Elizabeth will share with the School of Social Work to send out to their contacts as well as the other UMB Schools (Elizabeth will ask Ashley)
    • Food vendor intake form–to be shared widely
    • Vendor intake form to be shared widely. Vendors will be service providers or resource providers.  
    • Local businesses
      • New Beginnings and City of Gods are interested in being involved
      • Workforce Roundtable members may also be interested
      • Enoch Pratt library may also be interested
    • Caryn will invite South Baltimore Learning Center
    • Representation from MVA, Child Support, Housing, etc
  • Equipment: tables, chairs, technology
    • Going to rent from Baltimore Toolbank
    • Will secure tents from the city
    • Out for Justice will provide port-a-potties
  • Media: agreed that a media advisory will go out about a week before, follow up the day before
  • Budget: creating a draft budget to divy the cost between the partners
  • Individuals from the Recovery Network will be available to volunteer in terms of set-up, and may be available for break-down, but they do have a curfew.
  • The Committee discussed event flow, as well as expected attendees.


Next Steps